UNIQLO along the city rail to expand the South China territory, the first stop came to Zhongshan City, has a profound history, April 28 (Sat) grand start Zhongshan Lee Plaza Square store! Carrying the concept of "making clothes for men", [UNIQLO] brings super popular product series to Zhongshan consumers: the summer main printing T-shirt UT and the classic wild POLO shirt. This year is the tenth anniversary of the printing of T-shirt UT, in order to make Zhongshan feel [UNIQLO] bring high-quality fashion trends, Zhongshan Lee Plaza during the opening of new stores more variety of new store opening promotional price of goods. Zhongshan first store: old-fashioned Xiangshan encounter classic wild [UNIQLO] April 28, 2012 10:00 am, Zhongshan first [UNIQLO] shop: Zhongshan Road and Lee Plaza Plaza grand opening! This is [UNIQLO] along the city rail to expand the first stop of South China territory! This time, Zhongshan City, which has a profound historical background, [UNIQLO] once again demonstrated its global brand concept of "serving people" to Xiangshan consumers with a new benchmark of wild, high-quality fashion apparel. Adhere to the simultaneous sale of the whole of South China and the same national pricing consistent [UNIQLO], in more than 1,300 square meters Zhongshan Lee Square store, comfortable shopping environment, but also designers into the "wild" concept: the store posters and clothing Models are also constantly updated with a variety of ways for consumers reference. Into the [UNIQLO] spacious and rich style of the shop, consumers can carry shopping baskets heart to pick your favorite clothes, personal experience of a unique self-style shopping fun. New store design spacious and comfortable, so that consumers have more space to choose their own clothing, a comprehensive range of products for selection, so that consumers can easily experience how simple, high-quality clothing into the creative, cost-effective fashion hundred Take dress wear out of my life attitude. Popular T-shirt printing: T FOR U belongs to your UT set of art, music, photography, design, comics, cartoons, brands in one UT, has been [UNIQLO] independent dazzling star brand, which carries the t-shirt trend Culture, also mixed with different cultures, different pondering, swept the world. Every year, [UNIQLO] UT exert all means to blend diverse arts and culture around the world, unite the world of different cultural elements and creativity, the infinite creative thinking and unique personality charm displayed on the T-shirt, leading the fashion trend of global fashion T-shirt, to The world tells the "everyone can happily wear your favorite T-shirt." In 2012, the tenth anniversary of [UNIQLO] UT coincides with the theme of "T FOR U is your UT" and continues to attack the UT culture waves all over the world. This year, the women's wear has attracted the cooperation of ladies such as Barbie, Orla Kiely, Hello Kitty, Laura Ashley, Lulu Guinness and MoMa. For Men, Metal Gear, Gundam, LORDS OF LIVERPOOL, CONCORD MUSIC GROUP, MARVEL COMICS, Andy Warhol, Evangelion, Cosmic Brothers and other famous brands, [UNIQLO] there are a variety of corporate Logo cooperation series, style very much, will be able to find your own personality T-shirt, to meet the summer! Classic POLO shirt: classic casual paragraph + rich color and color choice [UNIQLO] Classic and elegant yet elegant POLO shirt series has always been the summer of the vast number of consumers a single product, this year, both comfortable wearing and design Self-confidence is even more improved, to bring you a better wearing experience! Inheritance POLO shirt simple classic design, [UNIQLO] focus on the continuous improvement of every detail, and strive to beautifully present every time. This year, [UNIQLO] once again improve the fabric material, refined version of the model, meticulous to every single button every suture, can achieve a more beautiful and more comfortable shape. At the same time, the new season POLO shirt series, to provide you with a wealth of color and style options to meet your different needs. For men in the summer a large amount of sweat, [UNIQLO] quick-drying POLO shirt Men increase dry-fast technology, with a quick perspiration to keep the skin fresh fiber technology, POLO shirt can quickly perspiration, always keep fresh feel . In addition, quick-drying mesh POLO also uses a special sewing machine sewing, reduce stitching on the skin friction, bring more comfortable wearing feeling. Then use the pursuit of superior texture of the beads mesh fabric, so that men in sports, outdoor, business, etc. can be worn, easy to use in various occasions. The women's series also have a wealth of styles to choose from, such as stripes, prints, dresses and so on, with rich colors and fancy, beautiful colors, minimalist design and collar three-dimensional cut, beyond the classic casual style You show personal charisma, with fresh and comfortable gesture to meet the hot summer!

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