Clothing store in business, customers are brought business of this. Clothing to join shop sales staff to seize the customer psychology, purposeful approach customers will help to achieve sales. For the customer's body language issued by the information, sales staff approach:


Tentative conversation

The topics can be general and try once or twice for a positive response. If customers show a positive body language signal, then it is easy to talk with and respond.

If the customer's body language transmits a negative sign, the salesperson should take friendly action, but do not be over-aggressive as that will make the customer more stressed. In any event, you should not be negative information of customers pointed out, for example, "You look tired, you are not doing well today or you are sad today," so that the customer will remain trapped in the kind of negative emotions even more Bad, the result is not good for sales. It is best to try to make the customer feel better and direct their attention to the clothing, making him look and feel good.

Starting with appreciating or commenting on his outfits, or talking about the weather, it's always a safe starting topic, and it's important to be on the same level as your customers. Need to "break the ice" and bring customers closer. For example, you can appreciate the customer's dress, appreciate the style or color of the sweater he wear, which will make the feeling better, and sales staff can follow up. Next you can recommend a very suitable jacket, or recommend a perfect match with his sweater skirt.

It can be helpful to start talking with small things like sweaters. If it's raining outside, talk about the weather. Talk about how stylish and durable the new raincoat or umbrella is. This is just the beginning of a conversation, so you can learn more about what customers want to buy in stores. Again, what products are mentioned in the promotion will always attract the attention of customers.

2. Other topics to talk about

You can use the current popular information, talk about clothing franchise or store a particular clothing features. E.g:
"The short coats that have just arrived are the ones that are going to be popular this season."
"The kind of geometric print design is very popular this year o"
"Wide skirts are more popular this year than last year."
Can list those styles in the store to highlight his style features. E.g:
"These new green sweaters match your personal color, based on your warm-looking skin and warm brown hair."
"These new gem-blue t-shirts have just arrived, and being worn on your body will match up with your white porcelain skin and dark hair."
"These newly arrived jackets feature a waist detail that better suits your curvy figure."
If the customer seems to be hovering, indicating the need for guidance, need to show him something new.
If the customer lacks a sense of direction, the salesperson's goal is to give him guidance, which will boost sales. The product must be recommended to the customer through passionate presentation and introduction. If the salesperson shows a feeling of like the dress and feel excited, the customer is also thrilled with the infection.

3. Establish a sense of trust with customers

Build initial mutual trust with customers and find out who can sell clothing to them. Let potential customers know that you will help him in the way he likes.
(1) establish the principle of trust should pay attention to customer and peer response;
Cast their best to recommend persuasion to customers;
Encourage customers to express their opinions;
Avoid multiple people, multiple introduction (2 or more);
Use declarative language and seek truth from facts
Give customers more initiative;
Combination of customer characteristics to give individual attention. ,
(2) The general method of building trust â‘  Listen. 80u / c time should be customer speak.
â‘¡ ask. The sales target is to ask, but pay attention to the way of asking.
Ask the principle is: first ask simple, easy to answer questions; to answer the question of "yes", the customer can talk about the answer - try not to ask the same answer may be "no" question; - ask the question of binding; if the customer said they do not understand the product, it does not matter, continue to ask the question - directly to the customer's needs, longing.
â‘¢ always standing on the left side of the customer moderately watching him - to maintain modest questions one by one record. Do not make a sound, do not interrupt, listen carefully. , Wait for all the customers finished, repeat it to each other to listen.
â‘£ trust comes from each other like each other. Customers like people like him, or like he wants to see people. When building trust, try to show where you have similarities with your customers.
⑤ clever use of the three elements of communication, communication elements in seven, consistent with the customer.A.Word, B. sound withered tone, C. body language.
In order to communicate well, you must be similar or resonate with each other in words, tone, tone, body language. Text accounts for 7%, sounds 38%, body language 55%.

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