Jennifer was born in Hong Kong, the forefront of international fashion, with the famous French underwear designers to form a strategic partnership dedicated to the European gorgeous fabric products, exquisite jewelry, free and elegant lifestyle and broad cultural combination of the combination of design Out of women's beloved products, Jennifer injected into the world of fashion inspiration, Jennifer flowers to form a unique personality products.

珍妮花 - Jeniform

Founded in 1994, Shenzhen Yi Mei Ya Garment Co., Ltd., a brand of Jennifer underwear , specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of women's underwear. After more than 10 years of efforts, the company has developed into a certain size of the domestic underwear manufacturers, and with a number of international brand known for a mature and stable cooperation. Products for the high-end bra. Underwear. Pajamas. Pajamas. Swimwear. Clothing. Sling underwear. T word pants. Thermal underwear, etc. "Jennifer Flower" underwear always adhere to the people-oriented, with comfort, quality, fashion, innovation as the product concept, with its popular design, sophisticated workmanship, comfortable feeling, advanced Fabric, has won the favor of women around the world, at present there are more than 100 direct sales stores and franchise stores in the country, the products have been sold to Europe, the Americas and Australia.

珍妮花时尚内衣 自由优雅的生活方式

Jennifer lingerie, shop flowers, lace, beads, silk, fabric ... simple and stylish romantic concept. Fresh, clear color, elegant, sophisticated embellishment. Color from the red passionate to the feminine charm, that is fresh and elegant and youthful vitality. Smooth smooth underwear, so that the charm of wanton distribution ...

Purchasing a high quality Latin  dress and choose from our range of available Dance Costumes. All our Latin competition dresses are custom made and you can modified it. 


  • All our dresses are hand-made, therefore, all decorations including flower appliqués, stone pattern, neck and arm accessories will vary during production. Our designers will determine how to put them on, in order to get the best result.

  • High quality, fashion design, good workmanship

  • Used high quality rhinestones, better than preciosa rhinestones and close to Swarovski rhinestones.

  • The color can be changed

Ladies Latin Dress

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