Beauty Island underwear in order to enhance the brand influence, quickly occupied the national market, from now on, the first franchise stores outside Guangdong Province, is a local mainstream business district, can play a role in promoting the brand, more than 35 square meters, the first shop 5 million yuan of goods, joining 7500 yuan, 5,000 yuan deposit (refundable at the termination of the contract), 3 square meters to do signs, that enjoy the following substantial concessions:

丽人岛内衣加盟大幅优惠条件 提升品牌影响力

Beauty Island underwear

1. Success to join the reimbursement of customers to visit the company costs (3,000 yuan);

2. Successfully joined to send opening ceremony package (worth 1000 yuan material);

3. Successfully joined to send the entire store return policy, opened 20% of the first return;

4. Successfully joined to send when the opening supervision of free training and guidance.

This cushion is made of tibet sheep fur.The front material is the use of sheepskin and the back of the material is the use of micro suede. Color can be customized not only according to the customer's sample, but also according to Pantone's color.
There are a variety of sizes to choose from.

 30*50cm    40*40cm      50*50cm     45*45cm     55*55cm     60*60cm

Captivating Styles At Your Fingertips: Our pillows are `fun and fluffy` with colors that match with any room. They`re the perfect garnish to bring the room together and captivate your guests` eyes. These high quality pillows reflect your style and personality, and add a wow-element in your home.

100% Real Mongolian/ Tibetan Lamb Fur: Indulge into the mesmerizing softness and comfort with our high-quality 100% Genuine Mongolian and Tibetan lamb fur with a curly texture that measures over 4 inches long. With fur on both sides of the pillows, you`ll enjoy double the luxury! 

Customized To Your Needs: Have something special in your mind? We can create custom pillows in other shapes or sizes so you get the exact look you`ve desired for your décor. These professionally dyed pillows are extravagant and packed with ultra-comfort. You`ll feel like you`re floating on a cloud cuddling up to these luxurious, lightweight pieces made to bring you years of elegance.

Tibetan Lamb Fur Cushion

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