[China Glass Network] Facebook's Timeline will launch a major update. According to Facebook's official developer blog, Timeline will introduce "actionlinks", which keeps users' interactions from staying in content that likes or comments on new things or applications in the timeline.

Application developers can customize the action links themselves to enhance the connection between Facebook users and certain websites and services. For example, when a friend's sign in Foursqure appears on the timeline, in addition to "like" and "comment", you can directly collect the place where the friend checked in directly through the "Favorites" button. This means that users can add this location to their collection on Foursqure without leaving Facebook.

Similarly, Fab.com's information will also have a "Favorites" link so users can add the item directly to their own Fab.com favorites without a new window.

This new feature of Facebook has been brewing for a long time. As early as last September's F8 conference, Facebook has already intentionally launched a "action" button similar to "like". In January of this year, Facebook announced 60 timeline applications that support this feature. Now, Facebook has developed this feature for developers, they can add "action links" to any Timeline application, allowing users and applications to interact directly.

"Active links" are good news for both Facebook and developers. The user's stay time will be longer, Facebook's platform value will be improved, and merchants will launch more ads. Developers can also use Facebook to increase the number and activity of their apps and websites. For example, for e-commerce, the simple action of “collecting goods” will also lead to higher conversion rates. Of course, users are also big beneficiaries, they will do all the activities on Facebook without jumping to a variety of websites and applications.

As TNW said, Facebook has been working hard to remove the boundaries between app content and social images, and their work has done a great job. At this rate of development, Facebook can be the primary entry or operating system for people to access the Internet. Maybe this is not good news for Google.

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