Caremn ( Card Man ) women's fashion, passion, elegant, intellectual philosophy has always been throughout the product, publicity modern women sexy, simple, independent, wise attitude to life, so that each wearing a sumptuous spread of card material and fashionable women Imagination Sublimation of the spirit.

卡蔓 - Carmen

A model of fashion passion Elegant Carmen women's brand

Ka Man International Fashion Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong in 1997, formally listed in the mainland in 2007 to operate, is a collection of clothing design, production and sales in one of the modern enterprise. The company's "Karman" brand fashion has been "passion to show fashion, elegant interpretation of sexy" as the theme of noble and elegant women's services.

时尚激情之典范 优雅知性Carmen品牌女装

A model of fashion passion Elegant Carmen women's brand

Carmen international fashion women's wear in the design of the most popular elements in Asia and Europe and the United States, while incorporating the essence of China's ethnic style clothing, Carmen international women's fashion since entering the domestic market, because of its distinctive personality Style, stylish and elegant design, has been the vane of the domestic fashion ladies!

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