Fashion to "fast, ruthless, accurate" as the main feature of the rapid rise of fashion, driving the global fashion trend. Fast fashion always follow the trend of the late season, new products to the store fast, window display frequency of change is twice a week. And fast food age "speed" exactly the same characteristics. When the fast speed, ultra-high frequency update fast fashion, always follow the characteristics of the trend, let the pursuit of fashionable people flock to buy together. As the outside world said, in the past three years, Jack Fox as a dark horse, the market has made a hundred times the growth scale, from a small franchise to the retail store, and now JACK FOX (JJ FOXKIN) has developed into China " Fast fashion "leading brand. Just at this time, 2012 is the year that Jack Fox started the "three years" plan, and then embarked on a steady journey. Zhao Foxzhong, general manager of Jack Fox, said from now on, based on the development experience of the past three years, Jack Fox should take more innovative thinking and measures and maintain entrepreneurial passion to meet the challenges, keep innovating and upgrading, maintain the core strengths of the enterprise, On the basis of the success of "Breakthrough", we will strive to complete another "three-year" plan to realize the rise of the Danish menswear brand JJFOXKIN (Jack Fox) in China. By then, Jack Fox will become a direct shop and franchise stores covering the whole of China, up to 2,000 stores selling men's brand. In the era of asymmetric supply and demand information and increasingly personalized consumption, Jack Fox adopted such a business model to innovate and improve according to China's national conditions and local market needs. It successfully achieved "breakthrough" in the industry and ushered in the "founding of the capital." In today's increasingly popular fashion, Jack Fox's business model to better meet the "popular fashion" concept of consumption.

About 80 colors for the Pearl Bead Garland to choose. This beautiful Pearl Garland is made by the machine, light and brilliant. So it is very fit to use the wedding decoration, Christmas decoration or other party décor. Some people make it as the circle ,then it will be use for the candle wreath. Or you can cut is short add lobster clasp to design a necklace for the bride. With the bead and garland , nothing is impossible ,we will find the best suitable products for you.

ABS Pearl Beaded Garland String-YZB

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