Science and technology are the primary productive forces, this remark applies equally to the underwear industry. For a business underwear, who mastered the science and technology who have masters the magic weapon to defeat the enemy, who will be able to stand out in the fierce competition in the market and become the industry leader.

Love yarn Clothing Group (http://) was established in Hong Kong in 2009, January 2010 landed in mainland China, headquartered in Shenzhen, after less than three years of development, has now become a set of underwear Research and development, processing, marketing, joining in one large modern enterprise, the products sell well in more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions, become a peer envy, consumers favor underwear business. Its love yarn baby, Bai You Ti and other four major brand underwear position in the hearts of consumers can not shake the position, a global adjustment underwear manufacturing experts, the leader of China's healthy underwear industry. So love yarn group rely on what underwear industry?


Reporters found that Love yarn Group (http://) since its establishment, with three core technologies to seize the high ground, come to the fore. First, steel ring built-in technology. Group's love yarn baby memory bra, built-in memory alloy steel ring, the steel ring than the traditional soft and super-bombs, can effectively reduce the steel ring squeeze the breast to improve breast space and surface stress environment, to maintain the breast Under the smooth supply of blood, promote metabolism, lymph reflux, physical prevention of breast cancer. At the same time, it can gently hold the breast, even when the human body movement, the bra will not shift. At the same time, also abandoned the underwear can not be machine-wash the drawbacks, can be realized thousands of times without distortion machine dream. Love yarn baby memory for the New Year in January 2012 won the State Intellectual Property Office issued a utility model patent certificate. Second, the magnetic technology, Love yarn Group's six major bras, in the cup material using a unique magnetic fabric, magnetic wear process play a role, can block the electromagnetic radiation through physical effects such as warm magnetic field on the body, stimulation Degree to clear the meridian, so as to protect the health of the role. Third, scientific cutting technology. High-grade environmentally friendly imported fabric, supplemented by ergonomic three-dimensional cutting technology, the bra cup presents a drop of water, natural and comfortable, not only can fully absorb underarm and back excess fat, eliminate furu, but also to enhance the chest line , To create the perfect curve.

According to expert study found that women wear regular steel ring for a long time, cutting unscientific underwear, prone to cervical spine, shoulder, back muscles have varying degrees of aging, serious cases will appear chest tightness, poor breathing and other phenomena, resulting in breast ischemia , Cramps, causing breast hyperplasia. Love yarn apparel group's six major underwear brands not only allow women to go out without bra embarrassment, but also to solve the problem of breast health, is a female beauty and health peers green health bra.

Select Love yarn baby memory bra, you can enjoy the shoulder, chest, back strong balance of force brought by the comfort and freedom of the pleasant breathing, will block a variety of breast disease outside. Choose Love yarn baby memory bra, not just a pure beauty, but also a healthy life.

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