According to British media reports, Marks & Spencer recently announced the launch of the history of the most environmentally friendly series of suits, and that this is the history of the development of the most sustainable environmental clothing. According to the company, the company will ensure that the suit material of the clothing from the button to the garment's stitches uses the best environmental protection materials currently available, and strives to build it into the greenest costume in history.

What distinguishes this collection of apparel materials is that wool uses organic wool, and when the garment is recycled, the wool can be completely recycled to the farm that produced the wool. In addition, the chemicals used in the production of wool fibres are all in compliance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS); the sutures and the plastic bottles after the closure; the lining, made of recycled nylon; the buttons, the processed buttons after recycling Made of; pockets and shoulder pads, made from recycled fiber; labels made from recycled polyester.

M&S Company promised that by 2020, all its products have been developed similar to this type of clothing, and the company's products are not only environmentally friendly and unique in style. The series of clothing price is about 3400 yuan***. In addition, M&S said that the two-dimensional code after clothing can be scanned by mobile phone, and consumers can check the specific information of the purchased clothing through the mobile phone.

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