Hosa Bikini ** China's Beijing Railway Station activity, June 23, 2012 in Beijing Shin Kong, the fourth floor of the new water curtain opened the curtain, helping the London Olympics, blowing the horn of the water sports world.

China's first indoor sports brand - Hosa, the "2012 Hosa Bikini** China Tour" built in the Olympic year, will cross Beijing, Harbin, Guiyang, Nanjing, Zhengzhou and other 50 large and medium-sized cities across the country, carrying the Olympic Games. The enthusiasm and the fashion of the bikinis helped the Chinese team in the Olympic Games to help them and demonstrated the extraordinary strength of the Chinese indoor sports brand enterprises.

As a leading company in swimwear, Hosa has a perfect combination of fashion and sports. This time in China, it has received strong support from Lyca® LYCRA® brand, an important partner of Hosa, and has invited the global bikini, yacht bikini and world supermodel. The contestants of the Asia-Pacific and many other beautiful events and the third runner-up of the championships performed live fashion swimsuit shows to create a fashion feast together.

As the exclusive supplier of the Water Cube National Aquatics Center, Hosa has the iconic brand of China's swimwear industry and has the absolute right to speak in the wave of water sports. Presenting the latest swimwear products of 2012 Hosa through the bikinis** scene, combining the sporty and intriguing curves to create a sexy and eye-catching look. It also illustrates: colorful youth, lady feelings, understated luxury and classic heritage. Four Swimsuit Theme 2012 . Hosa Swimwear products use well-known high-quality fabrics made from important components of XTRA LIFE® Lycra® fiber. XTRA LIFE® Lycra® fiber's resistance to breakage and relaxation is proven to be more than 5 times that of ordinary chlorine-resistant elastic fibers, making swimsuits fit and fit. Long-lasting, with perfect coordination, and with a striking contrast of designs or colors that highlight the taste, avant-garde swimwear that has been finely tailored becomes a highlight.

Hosa hopes to use the call of the United States to promote more people's attention to health. With Hosa's company, they are close to the sea and enjoy the wonderful feeling brought by the beach and the sun. They appreciate the confidence and beauty that the “bikini” brings to women. Through Bikini’s activities in China, the development of Bikini culture and water sports projects in China will be promoted, the Olympics will be promoted, and a new wave of sports fashion will emerge in 2012.

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