Founded in 1993, Shenzhen Wanqi Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Chen Bojun and Ms. Zheng Jianzhong. Early in 1995, the company noted that China's vast knowledge of women on the fine texture, elegant style, affordable and Oriental aesthetic characteristics of professional women's needs, which he created the "JANE STORY / classic story " and its chain of exclusive brand women shop. For more than a decade, "JANE STORY" has experienced the brilliant work of "JANE STORY / Classic Story" in more than 100 "JANE STORY" stores all over the country. Products by the vast number of consumers trust and love, won the "Top Ten Women Brand Award", "Chinese famous brand" and "brand-name products in Guangdong Province", "Guangdong famous brand" and other honorary awards, you can say "JANE STORY / Classic story "self-development itself is a classic example of perseverance and enterprising.


The company based on the integration of the essence of Eastern and Western apparel culture, delivering the latest fashion information, with full visual feminine visualization of the operation of the brand every detail of the process, with fine, elegant fashion vocabulary to describe the aesthetic oriental costumes to Soft, elegant, concise yet luxurious as the theme of style, fully embodies the modern urban women's assertive but not assertive features of the design concept, since 2003 in Toronto, Canada Orient Fashion Research Center and Shenzhen Enterprise Co., Ltd. The "JANE STORY / classic story" design team, the company has eight domestic senior designer, strive for excellent, perfect product freehand woman's bright life, interpretation of their classic story.

经典故事女装 写意女人的亮丽人生

The company has established the production principle of "quality of life, attention to every detail", adopting advanced production technology and equipment production. In 2006, it passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification and established the production mechanism of rapid reaction of commodities. To further establish the "credibility first, sincere service" concept, so as to effectively promote the "JANE STORY / classic story" brand in the country's development process.

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