"Reduction is 70% from now", "Selected models from the summer dress 99 yuan" ... ... Wuhan has just entered the midsummer, the major shopping malls have blown up the "summer dress out" wind, it sounds very beautiful low discount, really make consumers accounted for Great deal?

“The event will be held July 6th to 8th, with 30% off the audience. The rose gold card can be used for 10% off.” LinXiang** is the VIP customer of the Wuhan-Guangzhou Qiaoju counter. He received a phone call from the clerk last week. Ask her to dress up in the summer to go shopping. The counters usually have a discount of not less than 10%.

Right now, the summer breeze is sweeping the local shopping malls. In the Ocean Department Store Zhongshan, ONLY, VeroModa and other brands, 50% reduction. In Wushang Asia Trade, MANGO's summer clearance is reduced by 70%-30%, and when the EU spring and summer funds are reduced by 50%-40%. In the World Trade, Belle, Tianmeiyi, he and she started at 299 yuan. In sogo, ladies' house selection starts at RMB 99 and Honeys sells at RMB 38.

“We have spent two weekends shopping in two shopping malls. There is almost no discount for the branded summer dress.

After discounting, it is actually not cheap. Although the price of business discounts is very loud, some consumers complain that it is not easy to buy real money. Many summer clothes are still more expensive than last year.

Ms. Hu Fang of Hanyang Dunkou complained yesterday that she saw a branded summer sale with a nominal price of 68 yuan. When asked, she found that 68 yuan was not a garment and was a belt accessory. Reporters also saw in the visit, some brands marked dozens of starting price styles, mostly slings, shawls, socks and other small items, and not many styles. In sogo, there are women's clothing claims to be 49 yuan, when the reporter asked which of the 49 yuan there are several, the salesman said it was not clear, to reporters to find their own floats.

In Hanyang New World Department Store, the brand's tag price of 1380 yuan is said to be a 90% discount before playing. At the moment, you can play 70% off, or you can discount it to 966 yuan. "The bid price is too high, and it is not cheap to finish the discount." Many customers who are attracted by discounts are very helpless after visiting the mall.

The end of September or early October may be more cost-effective. Why is it even more expensive? Secretary General Li Qunbao of the Wuhan Garment Merchants Association frankly stated that in recent years, some apparel companies have used new fabrics and techniques to upgrade their brands, and requested designers' foreign aid to increase the cost of clothing year after year.

Shopping malls have a higher deduction rate for apparel entry. Suppliers can only increase the apparel price to ensure profits. A premium of several times is not unusual. The current quarterly discount is clear, but it is actually squeezing pricing water. Customers feel that it is still expensive to finish the discount.

An experienced blood-sampling family Chen Wei told reporters that the summer shopping at Wuhan shopping mall usually lasts until the end of September and the beginning of October. If you feel that the clothes you have finished folding are still expensive, you can stay in HOLD and wait.

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