On November 20, two months after the intense preparations, with the support of the headquarters supervision and customer service team, the opening day of the Sogni kids Zhongshan Tung Hoping department store counter finally opened. During the opening ceremony, the counter held a large none other activities, Tanzhou children can be the first to experience the natural, elegant, subtle, classic British fashion style brought by Sogni kids. He Sheng department store Zhongshan Tiancheng win the company's flagship, Tan Tan Town, Tan Road is located on the 19th (one plus one next to the mall next to the gas station), the mall is located in Tanzhou's most prosperous business circle center, the total operating area of ​​13230 Square meter. Hop Sheng Department Store is committed to creating high-end fashion brand department store, and adhere to the brand management route to promote the improvement of living standards at the town level, with Zhuzhongjiang city location highlights advantages, Hop Sheng Department Stores endeavor to build a professional management team , Continue to explore department store management experience, in order to create a first-class department store in the Pearl River Delta. Since 2015, Sogni kids have continued to cooperate with the high-end shopping malls in major and mid-sized cities in order to maintain their leading position in the market with unique channel advantages. We will, as always, give support to franchisees and cooperative stores and deliver more high-quality products to the market. Finally, I wish Zhuangwei Le children's wear Zhongshan Tanzhou He Sheng department store counters business is booming, Caijin Guangjin!

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