Intelligentization is a comprehensive technology developed with computer, sensor, communication, network and automatic control technology, and is infiltrating into various professional fields at an alarming rate. The development of intelligent lighting technology can make lighting more energy-efficient, energy-saving, and provide the most comfortable and efficient lighting in the required time, improve the quality of lighting environment, and make lighting further green and sustainable.

2 The basic form and composition of intelligent lighting Intelligent lighting is a combination of intelligent technology and lighting. From the basic form of composition, we classify it into two categories: 2.1 intelligent lighting and intelligent lighting system with intelligent control unit and intelligent sensing unit as the core of intelligent switches, smart lights and so on. It can control the breaking of single or several lights, light and dark control, delay or simple program control, close remote control and induction control. The control and sensing unit is small in size, and the simple lighting unit generally adopts an incandescent lamp, and the control power is small. Intelligent lighting for the environment.

2 Intelligent lighting system based on computer and communication network Intelligent lighting system based on LAN is mainly divided into central centralized control system and distributed control system. The working principle of the distributed intelligent lighting control system is that the main power source is divided into multi-channel dimmable output circuits to supply power to the illumination lamps through the dimming module. The light switch and brightness adjustment are controlled by a programmable multi-function control panel. All dimmers and panels can be programmed to control various lights, thus producing different lighting scenes and lighting effects. Since the central centralized control system concentrates the control functions on the central console, the flexibility and reliability of the system are slightly worse than the distributed control system that distributes the control functions to each module of the system.

2.3 Intelligent lighting system main module dimming module: Its main function is to dim or switch control of different lamps. The basic functions that should be generally available are: a) capable of continuous dimming or switching of various types of lamps; b) protection against luminaires, including adaptation to changes in supply voltage and frequency, limiting output voltage range, and suppression of power grids. Various disturbances, protection against high starting current and thermal shock, as well as protection of the luminaire by soft-start characteristics and soft-shutdown technology, extending the life of the luminaire; c) maintaining a constant ride on the preset tuned area without luminaire efficiency Lowering and wall lishil pressure transformer box inside this regulator can make the 甩 upper machine.


Switch module: A control module that uses relay switch output, mainly used to realize intelligent switch management of lighting.

Control Panel: A component that allows people to intuitively control the lighting scene. It is controlled by the CPU. It has features such as: start or change a lighting scene; temporarily change the brightness of the light; change the scene settings; area split or merge; programmable timing and logic control.

Smart sensor: It is mainly composed of dynamic and static detection infrared tracker, photometric detection photocell and receiver for remote control. It can identify the illuminance of no one entering the room or detecting the environment; it can automatically adjust the brightness of the indoor light according to the sunshine; it can realize various sensing detection functions required for intelligent lighting management.

Clock Manager: Used to provide timing settings for a variety of complex lighting control events and tasks over a week or a year.

PC: The management of the entire lighting control system can be realized in the monitoring room.

2.4 Application Fields The above systems are mainly used in intelligent lighting subsystems in building automation and intelligent lighting in intelligent communities. In addition, relying on wide-area computer network remote, large-scale intelligent lighting system, 3 intelligent lighting system features 3.1 fully automatic dimming: intelligent lighting control system can make the lighting system work in a fully automatic state. The system can have several basic states that automatically switch to each other at pre-set times and automatically adjust the illuminance to the level at which the state is best suited for operation.

3.2Using natural light resources: Construction equipment (such as louver) with adjustable light control function can be adjusted to control natural light and can be linked with the lighting system. When the weather changes, the system can automatically adjust, regardless of the location or weather changes, the system can ensure that the indoor illumination is maintained at a preset level.

3.3 Consistency of illumination: When lighting designers design lighting new buildings, they will consider that the efficiency of the lamps and the reflectivity of the wall of the room will decrease with time. Therefore, the initial illumination is set. Higher, this design not only causes the illumination of the building (or the interval between the two decorations) to be inconsistent, but also causes unnecessary energy waste due to the high illumination. After the intelligent lighting control, although the illumination is still high, but because of the intelligent dimming, the system will reduce the reflection rate of the illumination according to the preset standard brightness. This is one of the reasons why intelligent lighting control systems can save energy.

3.4 Intelligent transformation of light environment scene: The intelligent lighting control system can preset different scenes in the module. If necessary, you can transfer the desired scene by operating on the corresponding control panel. The user can also adjust the scene in real time through the programmable control panel to suit different requirements. In addition, the user can also use the portable programmer to perform transformation settings for different scenes through the interface.

5 Energy saving in operation: Intelligent lighting control system can intelligently dim most lamps (including incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, sodium lamps with special ballasts, mercury lamps, neon lights, etc.), where needed, at the required time Full illumination. Turn off unnecessary lamps in time, make full use of natural light, and fully save energy. After realizing the automatic energy management function, it can generally save 20%~50% of electric energy, which not only reduces the user's electricity bill, but also reduces the power supply pressure.

3.6 Extending the life of the light source: As we all know, the main cause of the damage of the light source is the overvoltage of the power grid. As long as the working voltage is properly reduced, the life of the light source can be prolonged. The intelligent lighting control system adopts the soft start mode, which can control the surge voltage and surge voltage of the power grid to protect the filament from thermal shock, thus extending the life of the light source by 2 to 4 times. It is special for a large number of light sources and difficult installation areas. significance.

4 Intelligent Lighting System Application Overview Intelligent lighting has been applied in many fields of lighting. Only a few representative aspects are introduced below: 41 Street Light Intelligent Monitoring and Management System The traditional street light dimming system is turned off in a series of lights ( Such as turning on the lights and turning off the lights). It has many inconveniences and drawbacks, such as the need for shunt wiring, reduced comfort, reduced safety, and cumbersome and expensive power distribution. This solution does not have any protection against the lamp. There are also some dimming devices for inductive ballasts that adjust the grid voltage.

These systems are not capable of shunt control (if there is a need to have full illumination output at the intersection), and there is no advantage of electronic ballasts (good power factor, high efficiency).

The new generation of street lighting intelligent monitoring management system includes intelligent distributed management system; power line modem; intelligent electronic ballast for high pressure sodium lamp, the ballast can also be used together with an intelligent timer to complete the dimming procedure. It uses a power line to communicate bidirectionally between the light and the group controller. The group controller is installed and operated by high-speed telephone line, mobile phone or wireless communication access. Each lamp can be individually controlled, and the dimming timing can be adjusted based on location, climate, and traffic density (such as weekends). Of course, dimming timing optimization adjustments and settings can also be performed after installation.

The intelligent monitoring management system can remotely monitor the working status of each lamp and each ballast. This function is very beneficial for improving the level of street lamp management, reducing maintenance costs and reducing labor intensity. The system can also monitor various parameters in the high pressure transformer tank.

Another option, and the cheapest one: use the intelligent astronomical timekeeping module. These modules perform a dimming timing program that adjusts the night work length for different seasons, which is automatically adjusted to the expected average of the measurements, and has a digital filter to remove the switch light information due to a power failure. According to different parameter setting modes, the energy saving effect is as shown.

The cost of saving the bulb and replacing the bulb is obvious. In addition, if the lamp is under severe voltage conditions, its actual life is at least 1/2 shorter than the design value and it works under good soft start, thermal shock protection, constant power, single lamp mobilization conditions, and the life is at least better than the design value. 2 times longer. Therefore, the average life expectancy is extended by more than 4 times.

42 Living Environment Intelligent Lighting System The simplest residential lighting intelligent component is the intelligent lighting control switch for controlling single or multi-channel incandescent lamps. Rated voltage is 220V; single rated load is generally 200W. It can adjust brightness or gradation; memory dimming brightness, automatically restore the last brightness when the lamp is turned on next time; respond to full open and close command: with manual switch. For the induction lighting controller, when the person is detected, the RF radio signal is transmitted to the wireless receiver; the automatic light sensing, the control command is issued according to the change of the light, and then the wireless receiver broadcasts to the power line to make the preset light or electric appliance Perform the appropriate action.

The smart home control system built on the basis of a separate intelligent switch includes: * a microprocessor (system brain) * wall control panel; the size of the panel is similar to that of a standard light switch, and its function is similar to a remote control A button arranged on the surface of the panel is used to execute the light control command. The panel's signals are transmitted via a covert line to the appropriate microprocessor (some systems use multiple microprocessors). The processor then transmits the information to the control module, which is a fixture that performs dimming and switching of the luminaires (referred to as loads or circuits) to which it is connected. The processor and control module are typically hidden in a wall or glove cabinet that is invisible to the line of sight. The only visible part of the system is the panel that is mounted on the wall of the room. The systems of different developers have their own advantages. Generally speaking, they have the following functions: Remote control function: A remote control transmits RF signals, which can control all the lighting, curtains, blinds, air conditioners, stereos and other appliances in the home. For example, lights and curtains can be turned on and off when watching television to create a suitable viewing environment. It is also possible to remotely control the brightness of the light, the stroke of the curtain and the angle of the louver.

Centralized control function: use centralized controller, no need to special wiring, just plug the plug into the 220V power socket, you can control all the lights and appliances in the house, usually placed in the bed and living room. Multiple centralized controllers can be set up in different rooms to control lighting and other appliances in the home.

Inductive control function: Inductive illumination is realized in some places with high frequency and short time, and is controlled by the inductive switch. For example, in the aisle, foyer, bathroom, closet, etc., the sensor switch is set, and the person lights up and the person goes to the light.

Networked switch and control functions: In the home intelligent lighting system, one switch can control the entire network, and the entire network can also control any one (group) of lights or appliances. The control object can be arbitrarily set and changed, and realizes complex network operation functions such as full-opening, scene setting, and multi-control switch. For example: the development of the network switch 1 processor and the cymbal of the foyer is a sedan, lighting performance toe. Remember. The Magic Black manufacturer's homepage does not have to check every room, just press a button to turn off all lights and appliances.

Gradient and memory function: When the light is turned on, the light gradually changes from dark to light. When the light is turned off, the light is gradually darkened by light, avoiding the sudden change of brightness to stimulate the eyes; at the same time, avoiding the impact of large current and temperature sudden change on the filament, protecting the light bulb ,Extended service life. Dimming and brightness memory are available whether remote or local.

Programmable Timing Control: The timing controller can program fixed events in the home. The timing controller itself is also an eight-bit centralized controller, and it also has the function of time display and alarm table.

Scene setting function: The system can set the light to the preset mode, or perform complex setting and changing settings to realize the scene setting function.

Telephone remote control function: The telephone answering machine connects the home and the outside world into a network, and can remotely control the lighting and electrical equipment in the home from anywhere.

Homework simulation and interactive memory function: The lights can be turned on or off at random to make the empty room appear to be occupied, forming a preventive function. A further "family vacation" function mode can imitate all the lighting events that occurred in the room during the previous two weeks. This effect is more real than the random mode, and it can play very much in the absence of a long time at home. Good defense.

3 Intelligent car lighting system intelligentization has also been applied more and more in the field of headlight lighting. The survey shows that more than half of traffic accidents occur at night, and car lighting has become an important factor in driving safety. The researchers analyzed the drawbacks of traditional car lights and proposed the concept of intelligent car lighting. By optimizing the lighting of the headlights to adapt to different driving situations, the visibility and safety of night driving were enhanced.

The first generation of intelligent "bending lighting" technology is based on the electronic control of each lighting unit of the headlamp assembly, which is closely linked to the vehicle's steering position, body angle, wheel speed and other sensor signals. At the same time, the use of satellite navigation systems enables second-generation curved lighting technology to predict road conditions ahead. The system's lighting unit can be rotated 20 degrees for better illumination. At present, the application system developed has a high beam and low beam performance of 25% compared with the double mirror headlamp. At the same time, the future intelligent "activelighting" system will be due to night vision technology, head-up technology. The addition of monitors, infrared sensors and camera-onchip technology installed in the rearview mirrors has created a new level of intelligent functions. It is expected that the smart "adaptive lighting technology" of the front-end lights of the car will be very With great development, intelligent lighting systems respond to different lighting conditions, such as “adaptation” for dusk, night, road lighting, driving conditions, climate, etc., to provide the best illumination for the driver. A headlight lighting application system with "adaptive variable" function is under development.

5 Conclusion: Intelligent lighting prospects Intelligent lighting with the development of intelligent technology is booming and developing, new technologies, new products, new achievements continue to emerge, looking at the development of intelligent lighting, the author believes that the following points should be given attention: () Towards a people-oriented scientific lighting: from the development of intelligent functions to intelligent lighting that pays more attention to human behavior. Based on human behavior, visual effects, and visual physiology and psychology research, we will develop more intelligent, human-oriented, efficient, comfortable, and healthy intelligent lighting.

(4) Intelligent technology will carry out the concept of green and sustainable lighting: the combination of intelligent and lighting technology will build a sufficient technology platform to save energy, low consumption, long life, economical operation, people-oriented and other green and sustainable lighting. The idea goes to the end.

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