There are more and more bedding products on the market, and more and more fabrics are used. There are various kinds of fabrics. The cashmere and velvet are called, we are also silly and unclear.
Platform Jun today put several common velvets into categories and gave them a good introduction.

Velvet velvet fleece coral fleece fabric difference

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That is to say, velvet velvet is named after its origin in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China. The Ming Dynasty had a large amount of production and was one of the traditional Chinese fabrics.
The velvet raw materials used are 22- to 30-half A-grade raw silk, which also uses silk as the warp, and cotton yarn as the weaving “ground”. Silk or rayon nap. The warp and weft yarns are first degummed or semi-degummed and dyed, and then twisted and weaved.
Raw materials: silk + cotton.

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Gold velvet

Gold velvet is a single-layer warp-knitted fabric interwoven with mulberry silk and viscose rayon. Suede fluff is dense, long and slightly sloping, but not as smooth as other velvets. Generally used for women's clothing, curtains and decorative items.
Gold velvet fabrics are silky and resilient, and they really do have clothes. Although it will lose some hair, it will be soft and skin-friendly after washing.
Raw materials: silk + viscose (cotton chemically treated).

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Fleece, also known as sheep Lirong.

Yanglirong is a type of knitted fabric. It is a Xiaoyuanbao knitting structure and is knitted in a large circular knitting machine. After weaving, the grey fabric is dyed first, and then processed by various complicated techniques such as nap, comb, shear, and fluff. The frontal fabric is napped, fluffy and fluffy and dense, but not easy to lose hair, pilling, reverse pulling rough sparsely styling, short hair, tissue texture clear, fluffy elastic special. Its composition is generally all-polyester, soft to the touch.
Raw materials: 100% polyester (long fiber, staple fiber, microfiber); can add a certain percentage of spandex (the quality is more difficult to control, technology to be improved).
Staple fleece is more expensive than long-fiber fleece.

Polyester is a chemical fabric, collectively referred to as polyester fiber.

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Coral velvet

Coral velvet is a new type of fabric. Coral velvet, as the name implies, is a colorful, coral-like textile fabric with good coverage. It is a new type of fabric.
Fine texture, soft touch, lint-free, no pilling. Do not fade. No irritation to skin, no allergies. Beautiful appearance, rich colors.
Common coral velvet is made of polyester microfibers.

Raw materials: polyester microfibers.

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The word flannel is a foreign language, a soft, suede wool fabric woven from carded wool.

Founded in England in the 18th century in Wales. The domestic generally refers to the mixed carded wool yarn woven with a clip style woollen wool fabric, which has a layer of full and fine fuzz covered, does not reveal texture, feel soft and flat, the body bone is slightly thinner than Melton.
The flannel color is bright and generous, the weight is high, the plush is delicate and dense, the fabric is thick, the cost is high, and the warmth is good.
Raw materials: wool + other blended wool fabrics.

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