Light Mature, the so-called "light" means the appearance is still young, you can also play pink; "cooked" refers to the inner mature, elegant conversation, unique flavor. So you are a good light Mature it? If you are, then come to DISIR learn light MILF with it.

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Still full of passion for life, but not because of a little bit overjoyed. Black jacket, the classic revealed a bit hard to hide the elegant, tend to dress version of the type of processing, can be a bit sweet in the charm. Buttons designed ingenuity, seemingly random button is the embodiment of the design sense, the metal texture of the button and the black material expected to form a sense of texture and color hit the color, an increase of the jacket layering, it is significant temperament. Take the inside to choose the red turtleneck sweater + gray jeans to complete, light the overall color at the same time, yet elegant.

怎么样的女性被称为轻熟女 轻熟女适合怎么穿

Light Mature can also choose such a color contrast coat, turmeric and sapphire collisions, it seems calm and with a little playful, fur collar to enhance the overall quality of the addition, but also warm and practical. Double oblique pocket handling, in line with human engineering, increase practicality. Take a hollow lace shirt, only belongs to elegant women's sexy charm to show up. Such a bold use of color must have only light Mature who can hold it.

FR Pants

If you work potential risk fire environmental, you`ll know just how important FR Suits,FR Jackets,FR Shirts,FR Pants is to help you fulfil your job role effectively and remain safe while you are doing it. The FR pants are made from domestic fine chlorine fiber or Protex fiber, adding certain proportion of other flame retardant fiber, conductive fiber and long-staple cotton.The mens FR pants with side pockets are soft and elastic, fluffy and hairy, good in keeping warm and flame-retardant affect.FR pants fabric has permanent flame retardant, breathable moisture, moisture absorption and perspiration, feel soft and comfortable, FR pants with six side pockets are convenient for workers,which can put variety of tools and easy to hold tools. FR pants has many advantages such as abrasion resistance and good strength.FR pants has excellent flame-retardant,hand feel softness and no harmful substances.High tenacity,durable to use.Outstanding resistance to chemicals and solvents and are non-allergic.

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