Dear girlfriends into the marriage hall, then naturally become her happy bridesmaid. When the bride and the United States, as a bridesmaid, of course, can not throw her face, so they have to dress up beautiful. So how do you not grab the limelight, but also to the bride long face it? Associate bridesmaid dress, let you low-key and elegant beauty.


White dress is sacred, pure symbol, so the bride often choose white wedding dress. So as a bridesmaid, the best choice of other colors. This gradient pink long dress just showed the low-key beauty of the bridesmaids, strapless shoulder to shoulder design from a series of low waist to the interpretation of the bridesmaid's softness and affinity.

缔婉伴娘礼服 低调而优雅的美着

On a fairy cents dress more a goddess feeling, if you feel that you can not control, then may wish to choose this more close to the life of the short gown. But its exquisite has long been integrated into the hook flower and lace, is still wearing a beautiful princess, foil the most beautiful bride.

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