The doors and windows are intact, there is nothing unusual in the house, and the gold ornaments in the closet are missing. The "closed room" bridge often found in this detective novel also appears in Urumqi. On the 27th, the reporter learned from the Shuimogou District Public Security Bureau that the case had been broken.

According to Chen, who lives in Xinmin East Street, he and his family were watching TV in the early morning of December 26, 2014. The neighbors knocked on the door and said that there were footprints on the stairs of their homes, and suspected uninvited guests had come. Chen’s home is a duplex building, and his neighbor’s home is located on the top floor of the 12th floor. The footprints discovered by the neighbors went from Chen’s rooftop to the neighbor’s rooftop. Chen quickly checked his wardrobe with his wife and stored the money. The result was stupid – the gold jewelry stored in the wardrobe jewelry box was gone.

After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to Chen and his neighbor's house for investigation. "The suspect is very embarrassed. When he left after committing the crime, he moved the flowerpot back to the original position, closed the window, and wore gloves when committing the crime. The scene did not stay. Traces. Judging from the above situation, the suspect is a recidivist with more experience." The policeman told the reporter.

Through verification, the total value of cash and jewelry stolen by the two victims was nearly 200,000 yuan. The suspects are cautious and careful, leaving few clues. In the face of such a professional master, the police decided to start with the on-site surveillance video.

The monitoring showed that at 12:40 on December 25, 2014, a man wearing a black down jacket was downstairs in the victim's home unit, looking around, going back and forth from time to time. After entering the unit door for the last time, he stayed for more than one time. Hours, then put on a mask and walked out with two paper bags.

According to the video tracking, after two days of observance, the police arrested the suspect Zhang at home and found the stolen items from his home.

Zhang, 30 years old, unemployed, had two previous thefts, and was released in 2013. According to the police, Zhang wears a very glamorous day, wearing a leather coat, taking an Apple phone, like a big money. According to Zhang, the reason why he carried out the theft was because he was greedy for vain on weekdays and wanted to take shortcuts to improve living conditions.

At present, Zhang has been under criminal detention.

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