From the end of menswear week, the major top fashion brands are already beginning to release the spring and summer advanced customization series. Chanel this year's theme is flowers, the theme from the scene in the middle of gray paper art is not difficult to see. The entire show that Edward VII retro broad-brimmed hat, but also classic twill soft tassel cut tassel. After this show, public opinion noisy mixed lively. In fact, no matter how much the bar code readers ridicule barbarians, the depth of the fragrance of the fashion style of the bone marrow of this indisputable facts are worthy of respect and follow. Inherent faint and conservative and elegant and graceful gas field is the essence of a small fragrance. The aura of the ladies has nothing to do with age, but rather the stage of accomplishment.

PEACEBIRD WOMEN early spring series there are tribute Chanel elements of clothing single product. Let a small fragrance breeze your perfect figure, in the early spring season to go aristocratic Fan children up!



Short coat and knee-length straight skirt black and white, and then select some simple and elegant accessories. No matter how tall you are, the standard workplace style can be applied to any business activity in your daily life. The new year, in the workplace to do a bit small plus a little strong posture, not only can help you get rid of rotten peach, of course, raise the salary will certainly become a matter of course!



Small fragrant wind logo element is camellia, PEACEBIRD WOMEN the camellia element abstraction as gorgeous pictures, in the shadow of Uganda yarn, it is particularly psychedelic attractive. Upper body with a sense of science and technology small jacket, as well as candy color boat shoes and cross-grain coating elegant bags, ladies Fan children simply unstoppable.



Pencil pants or a small black dress does not matter, a coat and two ride that is the kind of Coco Chanel from the lobby boy was inspired by long coat. Re-combination of gold and silver evening bag and bandage hate high, no matter how to take the popular front-line star big coffee.

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