Every woman wants a pair of plump and flexible breasts, so that the composition of women's unique smooth, rounded, beautiful curve of the United States. However, with the passage of time, the decline of female body metabolism, chest skin, gland relaxation, the original rounded, upright chest drooping, more and more inevitable proliferation. To understand chest problems and to master common sense is a top priority for Chinese women to regain their status.


Chest sagging is the root cause of all beauty and the beginning of the election on the United States-shaped bra to prevent the sagging breasts!

Expert Tip: There is no better weapon than the bra to help women with chest problems. However, 78% of women can not accurately tell their own bust; 81% of women can not tell the basic classification bra cup; 86% of women can not choose their own bra, a fact that, at present, due to the blind pursuit of decoration Effect, most underwear manufacturers focus only on brassiere lace design, do not pay attention to the study for the Chinese female body data bra version, dazed customers chasing blind fashion, the most important function of wearing bra was ignored

To prevent the sagging of the chest, correct the proliferation of the chest, shaping a beautiful chest, is now an urgent task of women!

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