In the early morning of February 8, the relevant departments of Sanya released a message saying that on the afternoon of the 7th, 10 departments in Sanya jointly enforced the law, and investigated and dealt with the alleged false propaganda, induced compulsory consumption, and unqualified fire facilities in Sanya Jingyang Derun Crafts Shopping Store. .

According to reports, according to the deployment of the Hainan Provincial Government and the Sanya Municipal Government, on the afternoon of February 7, Li Jun, deputy secretary general of the Sanya Municipal Government, led the Municipal Tourism Commission, public security, comprehensive law enforcement, industry and commerce, price, transportation, fire protection, quality supervision, national tax and Law enforcement officers from 10 departments including Jiyang District conducted a joint inspection of Sanya Jingyang Derun Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd., located at No. F1, Yongjin Automobile City, Lizhigou Division, Sanya City, and found that the shop was suspected of false propaganda and box-induced compulsory consumption. And due to problems such as unqualified fire facilities, the fire department has temporarily sealed up according to relevant regulations.

It is understood that on the afternoon of January 27, the tourist Zhu called the Sanya City Tourism Complaint Hotline 12301, complaining that he participated in a day trip to the South Mountain Scenic Area on January 26, after the trip, was Zhongxiang International Travel Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Sanya The branch tour guide took the Jingyang Derun shopping store located in Yongjin Auto City, the division's farm, and purchased four pendants and a bracelet for a total of 18,888 yuan, and then felt deceived.

In response to the incident of inducing compulsory tourism shopping, the Sanya Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government attached great importance. Zhang Qi, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Sanya Municipal Party Committee, instructed the relevant departments to inspect and prosecute according to the instructions of the deputy governor He Xiqing. On the morning of February 7, Wu Yanjun, deputy secretary of the Sanya Municipal Party Committee and mayor, held a special meeting to ask the tourism, industry and commerce, price, public security and other departments to investigate the shop in the first time.

After investigation, the business premises opened on December 19, 2014, with a business area of ​​5,000 square meters, 3 shopping halls, 25 shopping boutiques, 22 lecture rooms, and 8 password explanation rooms.

During the on-site inspection, the industry and commerce department inspected the store’s alleged false propaganda and box shopping, and seized 25 boxes in the business; the public security department registered the identity information of more than ten employees in the shopping store to match the departments. Conduct an in-depth investigation into the illegal facts found.

The on-site inspection by the price department found that the 16 price tags of the natural A-cargo pendants and the natural A-carved jade bracelets sold by the store were stamped with the “Sanya Municipal Price Bureau Price Supervision and Inspection Branch”, and the Sanya City Price Department did not have this institution. Therefore, the store was suspected of forgery and private stamping; the quality supervision department completed the sampling inspection of 40 pieces of jewelry on the spot, with a value of 219,000 yuan, and sealed the samples on site.

The State Taxation Department carefully checked the accounts of the store since its establishment. It was learned that the store had not established a financial account book since its opening on December 19, 2014, and did not issue a corresponding tax return. The main method of counseling is to urge the store to handle the January tax return as soon as possible.

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