The New Year's bell rings, and we bid farewell to 2014 and enter 2015. Want to be lucky to start a new year? Why not let the bright ruby ​​come to open the good luck of the year? Look at the masterpieces of many jewelry brands, all inspiration for wine red and red. Remember to add one of the most time-honored jewellery items to your New Year, and let good luck jewelry accompany you for a whole year.

Wrist series

Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet

Carnelian: The red chalcedony is an orange-red chalcedony variety. It is also one of the earliest gemstones used in jewelry making. It has a seat in many cultures from Crete to Central Asia and the East. In the third century BC, the Queen of the Soviet Union, Pu-abi, was dressed in a robes decorated with carnelian; the ancient Egyptians regarded it as a symbol of the soul, believing that it would lead the dead to the afterlife. The warm color of the chalcedony gives a feeling of happiness and joy. The family strictly selects the red jade stone of Brazil and takes its deep and uniform color.

Earrings series


The feminine pink to the deep red of the flame, it is not only amazingly dazzling, but also a very wearable gem. It is the most important member of the gem family, and it will not take away its unique light with any other diamond or gemstone.

Necklace series

Earl Red Tourmaline White Gold Diamond Necklace

18k white gold, lined with 728 round diamonds (about 47.13 carats), 5 pear-shaped cut red tourmalines (about 10.95 carats) and a pillow-shaped cut pink tourmaline (about 20.95 carats).

Ring series

Chopard chopardforyou high jewelry series

The heart shape of one of Chopard's symbols is the turner, the rich and colorful ruby ​​is the main character, and the heart-shaped leaf petals are in four units, forming a flower-like four-leaf clover around the round diamonds, which is said to bring good Ok.

Tube Cosmetic Box

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