Chinese New Year, how can there be no festive red to decorate themselves? Whether it is not Benming, you can choose for yourself one or two red single product to enhance their fortune next year, Oh. If you think the red coat is too publicity, then choose a red underwear bar. Here are two recommended red Fenina red single product, I believe it will fit your eye Oh.


Red underwear suit, lightweight small cup style, but never worry about its wearing effect will be bad. Because of the thin cup under the thin design, to meet the shape of any breast-shaped woman shaping full, rounded chest curve, and 5/8 cup easier to wrap the chest all together, while the side than the soft rubber can be effectively fixed wearing Location, bra is not easy to shift, chest fat will not free overflow. Coupled with exquisite lace embroidery process, highlighting the sense of elegance and luxury.

过年要红红火火 当然少不了红色内衣

Welcome to a long holiday, naturally enough to sleep well enough, so a comfortable, high-quality pajamas are also essential Oh. This red, ultra-low-cut V-fitting dress pajamas make the fabric more comfortable and breathable, giving your entire body the freedom to breathe, widening the vest straps and breast cups with a cup, even without underwear You can have a very full chest line, the same sexy lure.

Charger Bracelet

The advantages of phone charger bracelet:

1) A great way to have a charging cable for your phone without the hassle of carrying a long cable.
2) The products have met EU health, safety and environmental requirements that ensure consumer and workplace safety.
3) All bracelet cables are waterproof, in order to be safe and extend its useful life.
4) Convenient on every occasion! Easy to wear and use when you indoor and outdoor, even traveling, driving and doing sports.

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