On April 18, the fashion brand miss k 2012 new winter/autumn conference was grandly held at Grand Hyatt Shenzhen. In the evening, the miss k brand took the classic Hollywood movie as its theme, staged a dialogue between the brand fashion and the movie, and the new tidal wave products unveiled one after another, presenting a Hollywood-style visual feast, which made the guest honorable.

Miss k autumn and winter series continue mature women flavor, close to the international trend, the introduction of "luxury melodies," "impression station", "black temptation" and "cold cold" design theme. The "Luxury Melody" series will be exquisite jewellery rendering low-key luxury, fabric and jewelry to enhance the degree of fashion. To interpret the infinite charm of elegant and luxurious. "Impressive Inn" emphasizes different seasonings of different colors, reminiscing that nature brings freedom and fun. "Black temptation" is a classic black-and-white color collision, showing subtle harmony with the atmosphere and distributing female charm. The "Chu Hanguang" series will develop a variety of bright colors on the fur, and increase the temperature for winter wear without losing the freshness.

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"SD" has formed a the unique style of tech and innovation with over 20 years. 

Over 20 years growth, the company has cultivated a team of experienced technical and management staff and owned the modern facilities and automatic assembly lines from dyeing, knitting, finishing and deep processing.

Meanwhile, the company always follows the fashion steps, continuously innovates and develops new products, and improves the management and service ability.

The upscale faux fox fur and Knitting Wool products reach the domestic and international high level. Products have been exported to the United States, Australia, Japan, Russia and Vietnam. In addition, according to the report from international accredited testing institutions, the test of formaldehyde in some products is ND level. The company receives high praise from the international specialists.

The company keeps the spirit of being real, precise, beautiful and innovative, capturing the market with high quality and credit. The products gains the trust and favor from home and abroad customer with high quality and diverstity.

All staff of Shuangda work hard towards automation, intellectualization and informatization. Keep improving the efficiency, promoting craftsman spirit, innovating new products. We are committed to becoming a more specialized faux fur products supplier. We wish the ecotope will become better by our efforts.

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