Chitton clothing recently held in Wenzhou, "respect Shi Li Ge" brand conference, the theme of men's clothing lock new ideas. Emphasize that successful men should start from home and have a confident, charming and attractive image on every occasion. Designers through the "home" this life theme, with a new season of costume design and the entire show's layout aroused people's concern about their families. In the film, the chief designer, Anthony, expressed his design philosophy in a low voice and in Italian, warm and comfortable: my brother, my parents, my wife and children, my career ... and none of these Embodies the "home" for a man's importance. Home is an emotional nursery, home is the home of love, people have the right to enjoy the love of home, but also the obligation to pay attention to family life. Zun Shi Li Ge, that enjoy the bright style of men's consumer demand, emphasizing the "tone" of clothing. The conference, divided into 3 chapters. Men's Fashion Dress Up, Classic Business Casual Dress Up and Personalized Joe Day Match new ideas. Designer Anthony introduced, Joon advocate formal dress can also be very life, to break the rigor of the original formal dress style, by changing the glances of the traditional style of suits, to promote comfortable, relaxed dress concept. Dark plaid suit with a scarf, white shirt can easily change roles between work, leisure and party; coral velvet navy blue suit with beige turtleneck sweater and white trousers, showing elegant and calm dress mentality; beige Coat with a scarf can immediately make ordinary dress Smart up. Men's clothing with exquisite version of the type and rigorous workmanship showing the delicate beauty, the same with clothing, designers with concise program, which allows business men to easily grasp and can be adjusted at any time to adapt to changes and needs of different occasions. Looking at the show floor release, autumn and winter autumn and winter Jutong clothing products adhering to the "enjoyment of love home life" design philosophy, the tide of the classic, personalized as the goal, the choice of warm color-based, with comfortable casual fabric, Through open-minded and full of affectionate design, is committed to creating a warm and close to the dress style. In the choice of products is taking into account suits, coats windbreaker, casual wear three categories of men's clothing, the new launch of hundreds of business suits, wild elegance trousers and shirt full of design sense of the series, beige, dark red, navy blue become a product The main color. Anthony said that in his eyes Chinese men have greatly enhanced their image requirements. The successful men's standard in the future will no longer be based on the business as an indicator, and can adjust their efforts to strive for "respect for themselves and their loved ones" Dress concept under the guidance of narrowing the distance with their families, so that work and life are correct, is the elite men's model.

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