First of all, I thank you for your support and trust to DULL's proud and proud ladies' brand and to extend my sincere greetings to you! DULL proudly held the autumn and winter 2012 product launches and business talks in Guangzhou on May 30th. Welcome insightful field in all fields DULL proud proud to join the women's brand, and we work together to create a win-win future, create a romantic, artistic, classic, extraordinary Seoul fashion gorgeous debut.

Look forward to your visit: at 9:00 on May 30, 2012 at the Panyu Southern Yiyuan Hotel, held a dynamic show, and fashion teacher from Taiwan - Miss Yao Xuanfeng, for everyone to analyze the international trends and popular colors, and "DULL Only proud "12 years autumn and winter products!



Dull clothing brand freedom to show the new woman's self-confidence, beauty, strong, more independent and thus more successful. International, atmospheric fashion perspective, practical design language, is the designer's perfect adherence. Planting comfortable natural combination of detail and the pursuit of the main body, highlighting the classic Dull brand style. No matter how the fashion evolves, the latest fashion lines translate to fit. To be proud of the woman is able to balance the modern fashion art.

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