Congratulations Green Cool 2012 autumn and winter product orders will be a success! 2012 "Green Cool" new autumn and winter continuation and sublimation of the "green cool" "low-key luxury" aesthetic experience. This season's design inspiration will be "outdoor heroic" stylish urban recreation style to the extreme, and such open-minded and bold is not too straightforward, but stressed that the details of the part of the deal. To achieve its "Xiuwai Hui Zhong" appeal. How to make multi-element collocation to produce the same beauty! It is the core theme of this autumn and winter new product design. Green cool to become China's fashion military Brigade brand is green Since its inception has been encouraging all the cool people to become outstanding faith to excellence; "win-win symbiosis, King love" is the green cool people to follow the values ​​of perseverance; green cool people are brothers and sisters Between family culture is green cool corporate culture. Today in this increasingly competitive market economy, product development capabilities. Quality control capabilities, the size of team management capabilities and the richness of social resources are all brand operations. Business is unavoidable challenge, it will determine how far a brand can go to how high? Green cool is no exception, so green cool ideas put forward innovation, green innovation is the spirit of perseverance, for example: green cool: green cool all staff is green cool to win the market capital, it is green cool baby, but not the other The company said labor costs. Green cool firmly believe that: Only to create outstanding team in order to create a superior brand. Green Cool is all about their own life and the future of the pursuit of people to realize their dreams, happy working, happy paradise. Every green cool person does not need to respect, as long as the outstanding performance, are willing to pay have promotion opportunities, and even have the opportunity to become green investors (boss). Green Cool will cite the success stories of our Wing Wah Group, and through greening channels and integrating social resources, make Green Cool even more a brand culture and brand added value. We will create and implement a monthly magazine "Green Life" Pass green and cool healthy living culture. So as to more effectively reflect the strategic objectives and long-term planning for the operation of Green Cool brand. Not all cool green clothes, green cool is advocating a healthy lifestyle. Green cool agent is green cool growth partners, it is green cool brand culture delivery. Therefore, the green cool family will continue to work hard, continue to grow and green cool partners to create a brilliant green brilliant career! Here again, congratulations to our "LUKU green cool" 2012 autumn and winter product orders will be a success! LUKU green cool - military casual fashion apparel brand invites the country to join the national hotline-88 Contact: Li Zheng Merchants Customer Service QQ1914007178 luku green cool official mall luku green cool official website http://

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