McDonald's was closed or resold by 75 "Waterloo" stores

The fast-food giant McDonald's suffered in the United Kingdom, where its European headquarters is located. On the 1st, British media reported that McDonald's had decided to close 25 restaurants in the UK and sold 50 more fast food restaurants.

Poor annual performance

In the 2005 performance report, McDonald's announced for the first time that the profit rate dropped from 15.6% in 2004 to 14.9%, mainly because of the poor sales in the UK. As a result, the company decided to close 25 restaurants in the UK and sell another 50 fast food outlets.

In 1974, McDonald's opened its first store in London. Bright colored decorations, uniform plastic furniture and murals of individuality quickly attracted the attention of young people. In just a few decades, McDonald's has opened 1,200 stores in the United Kingdom, and almost every major street has Mr. McDonald. As McDonald's major sales market in Europe, UK sales with France and Germany account for almost one-third of McDonald's global sales.

Bad brand reputation

In fact, the store is really a last resort for McDonald's companies that have always liked to expand. It is estimated that the total economic loss of closing these stores will reach 23 million pounds. Some people complained that the rigid management mechanism of the company led to its lack of competition, while others complained that coffee chain stores and sandwich chains had seized the market. But one of the fundamental reasons is that Britons have already "hated hatred" for such junk food.

In the UK, there are people who specialize in "guarding posts" at the gates of fast-food restaurants such as McDonald's and KFC and advise people not to "walk astray." The British government has decided to curb the rapid increase in the number of chubby people in the country and has decided to prohibit television channels from playing any "junk food" advertisements during the prime time for children watching TV. In short, in the developed countries such as the United Kingdom, people have begun to "see" other fast foods like McDonald's.

The "support rate" dropped again

A recent survey of 13 to 15 year-olds in the United Kingdom showed that 8% of respondents listed McDonald's as their favorite food last year, and that this year has fallen to 1%. In terms of meaning, people are increasingly concerned about health. Today, it is only a matter of time before people are fond of understanding Western fast food. Li Xiuqin

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However, compared to McDonald's “failure” in the United Kingdom, this foreign fast food has started to expand in some developing countries. McDonald's has said that they will spend 20 million US dollars to buy a number of chain stores in Brazil to consolidate their dominance in Brazil's fast food industry.

The latest information released by the headquarters of McDonald's Group also shows that China was the country with the fastest growth in sales revenue for McDonald's last year. McDonald's also announced that it will increase its number of stores in China on the eve of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, bringing the total number of stores to 1,000.

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