Ingenious combination of simple five strokes to let white-collar workers become temperament beauty

Nowadays, white-collar women choose warm jackets with excellent materials, and inside wear thin sweaters or shirts, such an international dress code principle will become more and more popular. Learning to use the same colors and contrasting colors In terms of color and detail, the use of similar elements is safe but inevitably dull, and the proper use of opposing elements, combined ingeniously, will have wonderful results with half the effort.

Whole body wearing the same color

The so-called "same colors" are the shades of the same color, such as pink, pink, and purple, which are red; yellow-green, grass-green, olive-green, and green. If you adopt the “deep and shallow” combination of colors in the same color system, such as the middle-gray suit jacket with light gray knit sweater and dark gray trousers, together with the silver necklace and the iron grey handbag, you can make the overall shape appear lively. But the beauty of coordination.

Contrast colors

With contrasting colors, you can first select a main color, and then use the contrasting colors of the main colors to match other clothing. For example: purple blue trousers + cream yellow pullover, apple green mini dress + pink orange belt. The combination of contrasting colors can unleash the strong power of color, which is a good way to make you the best actress in the public eye.

Color VS. Apparel material

The thickness, transparency, and degree of flash (reflection) of the fabric will all affect the visual appearance of the color. In general, stiff fabrics can make people look more authoritative, soft fabrics look relaxed and softer; thick fabrics feel more serious, and more transparent fabrics such as chiffon look like Romance is more; fabrics that are not reflective or matte look more conservative and stable, but shiny fabrics with a higher degree of reflection, such as silk, silk, etc., are very gorgeous. The same white shirt with dark blue trousers, dark blue wool trousers looks very professional authority; but if it is dark blue satin trousers, the feeling is gorgeous.

Color VS. Clothing style

Styles, like color, also speak. The same body is dressed in black, black suit reveals authority, black high waist emperors cut small dresses to show elegant temperament, black T-shirt bell-bottoms looks very creative.

Must learn to use a white shirt

Because it is the most basic style. A high-quality white shirt is indispensable in your wardrobe. No clothing is ever more changeable than it is.

Every season will have new popular elements introduced. Do not blindly follow the trend to become a trend forecaster. Instead, lose your own style. The key is to buy classic style clothing, durable and durable, while adding some trend elements, it will not be too boring.

Gradually establish your own aesthetic direction and color system, do not let the wardrobe become a color kingdom. Select basic colors such as white, black, and beige as the main colors of everyday wear, and active colors on accessories. Helps to establish your own style of dress and leave a clear impression. And because the color will not collide, you can also improve the matching index between clothes.

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