A person who truly understands fashion and judgement, the clothes she wears may belong to the traditional style of clothing. However, in the decoration and various accessories, she has adopted the popular meaning. For her, fashion is just Easily matched with various accessories.

An ingenious accessory can become a bright spot for clothing, and can add simple brilliance to simple clothes or plain clothes. If you inadvertently find delicate and lovely accessories on the street, you can't put it down, but you can't put it down, so take it home! It will come in handy soon. There are many types of accessories. Let's start from scratch!

The hat can easily show its personal taste, but its color and style must match with clothing and personality, otherwise it becomes a monster on the head.

Hairbands and hair accessories are worn everyday and are mainly small and elegant. Beautiful and large hair accessories will surely become the focus of the whole body. It is more suitable to wear at the dinner party.

One of the most often worn earrings. It has thousands of shapes, but there is a principle to keep in mind that large faces have large earrings and small faces have small earrings. Followed by the color of the earrings and clothing match, the collocation of the most secure color. However, when wearing plain clothes, the earrings can be used together with belts, bags, and shoes to create contrasting colors.

The necklace is small and delicate necklace can be worn by everyone. Short and short necklaces can only be worn by people with slender necks, and people with short necks are good candidates for long necklaces. The necklace has a great decorative effect, a simple style necklace, while wearing a few are not bad.

You can wear a boutonniere on your hair, not on your chest, on your hat, scarf or belt. You will find a beautiful boutonniere.

Belt learning is the biggest. The wide belt is only suitable for people who are tall, thin, and slender. The petite people are fine belts, and the color is best with the clothes. People with thick waists must not wear bright clothes and tie wide waistbands. People with long upper bodies can wear slightly wider belts. People with short upper bodies can fasten their belts at low waist. No waistband, belt is not important to you.

Bag style should meet the needs of individuals, some people need large capacity, some people need to be separated, and some people only need small and lightweight. The purses should fit with the body type, tall people are suitable for large bags, and petite people are suitable for small bags. It should also work with your outfit and personality. Bags are women's personal belongings. When purchasing, be sure to try them out to see if their length, style, and size are appropriate. If they are matched with the color of your clothes, they will look more noble.

Socks are the second layer of women's skin. When wearing dark clothes, they should wear darker stockings. Wear tight-fitting stockings when wearing medium-colored clothing. Do not wear dark stockings when wearing light-colored clothing. Fine silk stockings with elegant clothing will look even better. There is a straight line of stockings behind the legs that will make you tired. A stocking with a large pattern or pattern will look thick. Shorts and half-soled socks can express the atmosphere of youth, but they must cooperate with youthful clothing and low-heeled shoes.

Leather shoes focus on comfort, but they still must match the atmosphere of clothing and the shape of the feet. When buying leather shoes with dress, do not wear trousers, which will affect judgment. The heel is too high, the heel is too thin, the heel is too thick, many straps are tied around the instep, and many shoes on the toes are exposed. It's not uncomfortable to wear or look good. A pair of leather shoes to wear for a long time, so the material and the curvature of the shoes is very important. Black and white shoes are very eye-catching. Be careful to choose dark gray, brown, red sauce, and grass green in the medium shades. Beige is easy to match with clothes. Accessories, leather shoes and stockings are required to wear, and others are more decorative than practical. When choosing accessories, please be careful not to dazzle yourself. It will be ridiculous. When you wear it, please go to the front of the mirror and remove unnecessary accessories, especially ladies wearing glasses. Above, it can only accommodate one item at most.

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