Kangnai Fashion releases different flavors at different heights
The greatest advantage of boots for women is that it can hide the shortcomings of the legs to the greatest extent and reveal beautiful lines. In an ambiguous office, the boots seem to be the focus of the ladies' secret competition. However, in the face of beautiful boots of various lengths, have you ever had the misery of not knowing how to match? Now introduce four different heights of boots in the office with a variety of matching, absolutely help you easily attract more attention.

The advantage of the 10cm short boot above the heel is that it is comfortable and convenient to wear, but with a relatively single, more with long trousers, you can also wear long skirts. However, the beauty of the thick calf or muscular block should pay attention, try to avoid wearing this kind of boots with the skirt, because it will make your legs look more round and solid, but there are also suspected of short legs.

30 cm above heel For women who have not enough beautiful leg lines, this kind of boots can be used for a very good effect. Whether flat shoes or high-heeled shoes can make the body feel upright and beautiful. In the cold season's office, the sweater is the most common wearer, and the right boots can bring balance to heavy clothing, but also elegant and handsome.

The 40 cm high heel above the heel is probably the most attractive to the boots, but it takes some thought to dress well. If you have a large knee circumference or a woman with a prominent medial knee, you should try to choose a matching pair of pants when you wear this type of boots, or choose boots that are more relaxed, otherwise your visual effects will change. Coarse, if you are born with a slender legs, don't hesitate to wear a short skirt "show".

Boots that can be freely combined This kind of boots is easy to wear, with a variety of diverse, it is very easy to transform, can help you quickly adapt to changes in the occasion of the day, is a necessary choice for modern urban girls.

Heel and heel height above 20 cm boots with a variety of heights, cropped trousers, knee skirts, trousers can be matched, if the boot has some decoration or folds on the waist, but also can adapt to dress and casual wear with multiple combinations This kind of boots is a must-have for urban women who enter and leave the office every day, and it can make your legs look slender.