Beijing sampling silk was disqualified The results of the comparative tests of silk released by the Beijing Consumers Association today revealed to consumers the true quality of the silk invisible. Marked with 100% silk, only a small amount of silk was found at the mouth, and even a single silk was not. All were chemical fiber. Among the 40 test samples, 19 of them did not meet the national standard requirements and accounted for 47.5% of the samples. Eight types of silk were significantly lacking in silk, and three of them contained almost no silk and were suspected of counterfeiting. It is reported that the city's industrial and commercial departments have carried out relevant enforcement actions accordingly.

At present, there are many varieties of silk on the market, ranging in price from two to three hundred yuan to several thousand dollars. However, the quality of silk quilts cannot be directly judged from the appearance. Therefore, silk quilting is particularly hateful. This comparative experiment found that some silks were shoddy, and actual fillings were short of catties. Individual companies had the act of fraudulently defrauding consumers by using polyester fibers as fillers to impersonate silk, suspected of fraudulent intentional fraud.

During the test, the fillers were seriously missing: "Shengwei" brand soft silk quilt, labeling silk content 51%, measured 20.8%. The "cotton flower" brand jacquard silk quilt was marked with silk content of 50% and actually measured 24.6%. "Ai Wei Home Textiles" brand mulberry silk spring and autumn, mulberry silk content is also insufficient.

In addition, the Consumers Association bought from the Bairong Shimao Mall "Hi-day" brand embossed silk quilt, "Silender" brand pure silk quilt, only a small amount of silk at the quilt opening, the other polyester fiber and other chemical fiber; The “FASHION HOME” aristocrat silk quilt authorized by the nominal French Pierre Cardin company and the Shanghai Baolai Home Textiles Co., Ltd. purchased from the urban and rural supermarkets Suzhou Bridge Store is filled with viscose fiber and polyester fiber, belonging to the suspected counterfeit silk quilt. .

Beijing Yingshi Wanjia Textile Co., Ltd. produced “Ying SHI” brand nine-hole silk quilt, nominally containing 30% silk, and actually measured 22.2% of mulberry silk. The national standard stipulates that the silkworm silk content should be 50%. This product is a concept of confusion and misleads consumers.

Among the 37 samples labeled with silk weight, 11 samples had a mass deviation rate that did not meet the requirements of national standards and accounted for 27.5% of the total number of samples. Among them, the quality of fillers is seriously insufficient. The deviation rate of more than -10% is: Red Fuji brand pure silk quilt, Hua Nani poetry brand silk quilt, God willing tianyi brand silkworm silk quilt and Xirilai brand, cotton flower brand, and butterfly ya Brand samples.

In addition, there are six samples of fabric problems, the more serious is: Saint Paul brand brand standard composite cotton jacquard, measured 17.1% containing cotton. Rui Lang brand 100% cotton nominal sample, measured with 11.3% of regenerated cellulose fibers. Cotton brand brand sample cotton 70%, measured 45.8% cotton.

The Consumers Association stated that the quality of the silk fillers should be superfine or first-grade staples, but some silk products were found in the test. The filling material was short silk cotton. However, only a part of the filaments in the quilt opening or cotton filaments in the opening, or the surface of the filling is cotton or cotton filaments in the middle, the middle sandwich is a short silk cotton, obviously shoddy. D044

Remind the national standard that silk quilt refers to quilt products containing mulberry silk and/or tussah silk 50% or more. Fillers containing 100% silk were pure silk quilts, and fillers containing more than 50% silk were mixed silk quilts. When consumers purchase silk quilt products, if possible, they should try to open the zipper chain, buttons, etc., to check the quality of the filler, especially the quality of the quilt deep silk quilt.

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