Leads: The three major social backgrounds for the spring/summer 2014 trend are: Humanities. Just as during the Renaissance, we must put humanities back to the core of the world and draw inspiration from them. The bright ethnic style with shiny, light grained leather, fresh colors decorate the black background, plastic jelly shoes, necklaces and African bracelets, handbags and purses, ethnic patterns, patterned shoes.

Huang Ping Deputy Secretary General of China Fashion Designers Association


The three major social backgrounds of the spring/summer 2014 fashion trends are: Humanities. Just like in the Renaissance, we must put the human factors back to the core of the world and draw inspiration from them. Science, which possesses scientific culture, has the ability to enter the future. Knowledge is the same as emotion, beauty, and harmony. Travel, we are in the era of a traditional boundary collapse, the existing rules are changing. With the arrival of the digital era and new technologies, new economic systems have emerged, the world is reshuffled, and yesterday’s outsiders have become leaders of the future.

Everything in this season is about the reality: creating a personalized route and taking a personal journey. The perfect balance between reason and emotion provides opportunities for the upcoming second Renaissance era.

The first topic: HALO Aura (Technology)

HALO Aura: Scientific genius. The theme mainly expresses the charm of science and the cross-domain manifestation of genius.

Client Group Description: Light traveler.

Color: protein color. All sorts of milky white with a pale color tone, plus artificial bright colors as embellishments.

Products and Fabrics:

Thick and light. Lightweight, dense, and double-sided fabrics are used to design soft, lightweight winter foams for round, wide profiles. Box-shaped new jacket, drop shoulder design; inner ride and shirt profile is also partial. Matt, rubber, rubber bonded. Double layer cotton + modal + polyester fabric.

Opaque and transparent. In kimono-style jackets, shirts and vests, multi-layered transparent fabrics eventually achieve opacity. Color blocks or plain design, a layer of Zen-like printed veil on top.

Cold light. Inspired by the effects of holographic images, the colorful light of crystals and other light brings sci-fi effects to the season. Concise square short-sleeved ride; ultra-smooth barre trousers, jumpsuit effect; round silhouette with colorful sheen effect.

Dynamic texture effect. It was influenced by the silhouette of the Japanese designer in the 1990s and the low-profile profile of drape. Loose, asymmetrical kimono tops and overcoats, with emphasis on split line design and dynamic fabric texture effects. Fake two pieces - a rubberized sweater and an organza shirt.

Metallic luster. Combine sports and glitter fabrics in short, sleeker styles, such as jackets, slouches with drawstrings and snaps, and a belted shirt.

Sports elements. Vibrant sports elements are used to overcome the wide hooded, these styles are either ultra-short or long, with nylon stitching. White denim cotton jeans have a cellular effect or a magnified mesh effect, but feel soft and elastic.

Patterns: romantic electrocardiograms, lightness of breath recorder style, sky, geometric patterns, sinusoids - soft zigzag, ripple patterns. Translucent stacking, multi-layered stacking of transparent patches + translucent "Zen Garden" prints, glowing, contrasting fruit-colored stickers and stacks.

Accessories: Fantasy, futuristic profile, “leisure futurism”, combination of metal and matt leather, aluminum metal feel in sports shoes, purses, flat shoes or mirror effect sunglasses, metal details such as the shape of the heel, glasses , pink gold. Sports style with blue-green accents, elegant style, high-heeled Sandals, wallets, sports-style fabrics, elastic, perforated leather, the main design point is a transparent effect, acetic acid, resin and matt metal details.

The second theme: CANDOR innocence (nostalgic)

CANDOR innocent years: science of dreams. The theme is to pay tribute to those crazy dreamers, those who are sweet daydreamers and dream science experts.

Client Group Description: Nostalgic technology house.

Color: Sweet memories. The focus is on faded or grayish colors, and off-white colored, these subtle neutral colors beautifully matched with dark and fruity colors.

Products and Fabrics:

The linen of the early 20th century. In nostalgic style, linen has become an important summer fabric. Linen brings innumerable inspirations and can make a variety of shapes. Soft, soft and natural, ultra-thin bali yarn. Combine with antique lace and lace. The long dress is focused on half the length of the calf, lace trimmings and partial lace trim.

Dowry box. Lace, lace, English embroidery... It's like finding out in your grandmother's treasure. Delicate lace is used for yokes, local webbing and crepe lines. For those translucent romantic dresses and tops, white, white, nude, cream and old rose are used.

Modern lace. Modern romantic theme. Lace combined with technologically pleasing materials. Zip coat made of rubber material; digital geometric lace printed mini skirt; thick satin fabric, shorts with lace pockets. The overall mix can have a small dress with side pockets and shoulders with wide frills and lace trims.

Taffeta. Glittering taffeta fabrics bring a new look: fluffy armbands, double-sided, oversized ruffles and provincial carrot trousers.

Sports + underwear details. The women's style appears in a simple profile, more casual, and adds details of the little girl's or even the underwear: a small blouse with flounces and pleats; pencil trousers with a local ruffled edge, the focus is Use casual fabrics such as flannel or double textured cotton, teddy bear flannel knit fabrics.

Patterns: Surrealistic mixed plant motifs bring contemporary fairy tale atmosphere. New floral, or sparkling, or fuzzy, tie-dye effect and elongated flowers.

Accessories: A set of natural-colored leather, including wood, beige, sand, gray fabric + sky blue as embellishment, material patchwork rectangular bag bring retro feel, and high heels, boots with lace, buckles and The details of the bag buckle, the focus is the return of straw hats and hard straw hats. Laser cutting, a set of bleached shades: nude, old pink, peach and pink gold, perforated and laser cut leather, with a lace feel, round purse and handbag, pink gold metal jewelry, high heels and With flat-bottomed boots, the key is a wide, leather belt that is perforated and worn on the upper part of the waist. The leather is treated like a lace.

The third topic: PORTS OF CALL wish (Folklore)

PORTS OF CALL: A wish to travel. Like explorers in the maritime age, we need to take the time to travel, turn ourselves into a traveler, travel from one continent to another, and look for lost land, folk customs, art and crafts.

Client Group Description: Post-globalist.

Color: The basic color of the world. Indigo, grass red or brick red, light yellow and brown. This group of colors of the maritime era has added a strong color, reflecting the folk style.

Products and Fabrics:

Functional elegance. The urban mix will shorten the style of the fisherman's overalls and use rubber and wetsuit fabrics. Ultra-small pie overcomes and has short-sleeved shirts with large patch pockets, and sporty rubber skirts.

New Brittany. Inspired by French folk and sailor images of Brittany, for example, lace blouses, short styles combined with folk motifs, like buying back all sorts of fabrics on long trips. Inspired by short-spill blouses from the French Breton folklore; short Irish sweaters with twists; plus a half-skirt.

Both are mixed elements of the folk customs. Romantic details or folk motifs added to urban styles, wide-positioned striped shirts with lace trim, fake two-piece dress, tie-dye shirts and loop nylon, waist hem; plus skipping jeans, decorated in Indian style Printed wide belt.

Patterns: Embroidery, decorative tablecloths, patchwork stitches. Striped shirt, front chest piece with embroidered ornament style decoration. Two fake shirt skirts, a small denim shirt, embroidered decorations, and folk style striped skirts. Porcelain, inspired by the two-color small geometric patterns of modern porcelain. No collar shirts, pagoda sleeves, and pattern stickers between the east and west. Country romance, affixed with folk style ribbons, combined with rustic lace, the focus is on the use of old or washed romantic floral designs for casual flannel shirts with a little different effect, the collar type is the collar of the sailor, waist Drawstring, sailor T-shirts and patch pocket jeans. Contemporary folklore, simplified and stylish folk patterns used in oversized blouses or contrasting appliques, batik flowers, Indian and other styles swinging between Europe and Asia, mixing patterns and different size ratios between Asia and the East, Plus sailor stripes and nautical patterns.

Accessories: Low-key folk style and feminine sailor style, inspired by Japanese porcelain prints and geometric color patches, matt and glitter contrast effects used in very pure products, sailor shoes and retro sandals, with water Taiwan's T-shaped shoes. Tassels and crocheting, the traditional method of preparation, braiding, fringing, fringe, etc., white, straw, linen, etc., and pale colors, make the whole tone more bizarre. Casual products, flat slippers, straw hats, fringed belts, etc. are also decorated with edging and crocheting.

The fourth theme: EBONY Africa (fusion theme)

EBONY Africa: A multicultural journey. The ultimate direction of the theme is a cross-cultural journey that draws inspiration from emerging countries that are creative and economically thriving to create a new style of elegance.

Customer base: extreme aestheticism.

Color: Color from elsewhere. A group of pixel-rich colors, high concentrations. The deep shades of summer are royal feelings, shiny chocolate, brown, and a calm grey tone. Intense green adds a feeling of plant to this set of colors.

Products and Fabrics: Summer Tweed. Ramie, flax or all the natural fibers of the summer are woven into new tweeds, with knuckles and vague effects that can be used for waistband sleeveless tops and Basque half skirts.

Batik print suit. Urban suit with batik pattern, sleeveless shirt with coated linen; ebony shirt with coated leno, with shorts or skirts, white shirt + batik printed sweater, with a focus on modern graphic prints and geometric shapes Ribbon combination.

Patterns: ethnic style, fake two-piece dress or patterned T-shirt and colorful silk trousers with oversized geometric patterns, other pattern effects: full body beaded dress, deep digging sleeve cage, and simple T-shirt ( Reference brand YMC). Plant motifs inspired by 70s wallpaper patterns and ethnic patterns, or Willian Morris's plant motifs, body prints in 1950s-inspired dresses, small sleeveless shirts, and enlarged palm leaves Patterned straight pencil pants. Caribbean leisure, oblique sense of leisure, the use of a group of plant colors, sports sense of the dividing line, the main style is sleeveless polo shirts and sweaters, there are large patch pocket shorts and five pants. Tropical decorative art, black arabian pattern on colorful geometric background. Gouache style geometric pattern. Large positioning printing is reflected in T-shirts and sweaters.

Accessories: African mosaic wood craftsmanship. Exotic precious wood spells earrings and purses with bold ethnic patterns.

Bracelets, shoes and belts in a variety of materials and colors: batik prints, textures, fabrics and leather. Recycling. Inspired by recyclable plastic materials such as Marni's recyclable chairs. The bright ethnic style with shiny, light grained leather, fresh colors decorate the black background, plastic jelly shoes, necklaces and African bracelets, handbags and purses, ethnic patterns, patterned shoes.


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