30-year-old woman, a little more calm, less a little brave! 35-year-old hit the shopping rate getting higher and higher, but sometimes because of "too much" and can not buy the ideal of love! 30-year-old woman is a woman closer to the true meaning of fashion, not only well-dressed, but also elegant and moving. Clothing, is your best business card!


"Sofeya", has been committed to leading the urban knowledge of women's fashion dressing taste, the main consumer groups located in urban women aged 30-45, advocating personalized, diversified and without losing the classic dress concept and clothing culture, Desire to create a dignified, intellectual, elegant and beautiful female image.

30岁后的女人如何穿衣 sofeya女装让你面面俱到

Sofeya also launched three major sections: the fashion section, boutique section, occupation section, so that all women's life is exhausted, so that women after the age of 30 can also wear a distinctive temperament beauty!

â–¡ fashion section [proportion of 50% / age 35-45 / average price of 1000-1500 yuan]

Collection of the most popular elements and fabrics, designed to meet the fashionable women 's novel, to meet the pursuit of a unique trend of the ladies.

â–¡ boutique section [ratio accounted for 35% / age 40-50 years old / average 2000-3000 yuan]

The use of gorgeous extravagance of the fabric, the originality of cutting and a large number of hand crafted craft, set off the lady's gorgeous and noble.

â–¡ Occupation section [proportion of 15% / age group 30-45 years / average 600-1000 yuan]

Mainly in the form of capable professional suits, concise lines, fit tailoring, for white-collar workers and administrative staff to provide a decent dress for their own identity!

This type of fabric had been in the market for many years, but our designer had improved and explored many new designs, now it has nearly 20 different designs, each designs contains 6-8 colors.

Its advantage is: It seems like Linen fabric, but in fact, it is 100% polyester fabric, which the fabriccost is much more lower than real linen fabric. Also, this is a piece dyed fabric, with the function of cationic yarn, when fabric be dyed, it could come out 2 different colors.

European Pattern polyester curtain fabric 6020#

American Popular Linen Touching Polyester Curtain Fabric WZQ172 Grey

Yarn dyed curtain fabric in trend WZQ258

Linen Curtain

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