KHAKI Kaki House "'Xiang Jy Dream Garden' 2013 Winter 2014 Spring New Product Launch and Ordering Meeting will be held in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province from June 15 to June 18. A three-day fashion event held at the Sunshine Hotel in Zhangjiajie special release, seminars, special investment, special parties, the new conference will be presented Kagaya House designers effort to build nearly 600 new fashion boutique clothing, large Product marketing seminar with you to explore the terminal shop VIP customer management, analysis and enhance the store sales performance, not only that, Kaki House new conference and order will also set up a number of venues for site investment, Kaki house brand children's clothing Invites the industry elite went to the feast of gluttonous charm, to discuss the rich plan. Kaki House 2013 Summer Collection - Retro Series After nearly 10 years of baptism, Kaki House has held dozens of new product launches and large-scale children's elite talent competitions. Nearly 20 agents in the country and more than 500 Kaki Houses With the joint participation of colleagues in stores, the new release conference of Kaket House has become a major fashion event that integrates innovation release, brand display, cultural exchange and information dissemination, becoming the focus of fashion for many media and insiders and outsiders. Kaki house 2013 summer - cool series Guangzhou Kaki House Clothing Co., Ltd is a professional design, production and sales of well-known children's wear business. Its "Kakayu House" brand is a middle-end and high-end children's wear brand founded specifically for children aged 3-15. Based on the Japanese and Korean style and based on the needs of the Chinese market, it launches a series of products that are cool, retro and colorful , Flexible display of children's different personality and style, for every child to perform their own wonderful childhood to provide brilliant costume choice. Cagayan 2013 Summer - Symphony Series It is understood that the Kagaya "Magic charm domain" 2013 autumn new conference and order the innovative display mode has been many customers alike, orders so increased. The new release card Kach House will introduce new agents, franchisees and the children's clothing industry elite presented set of creativity and fashion in one, the common financing in the personality of the scene mode display scene. Cagayan House '' Xiang Jy Dream Park '2013 Winter 2014 Spring new conference and order will be kicked off, let us enjoy the winter heat in the winter impact, in the share of fashion gluttonous feast enjoy the charm of unlimited Trendy ideas. Guangzhou Card Kaya House Clothing Co., Ltd Address: 25th Floor, Building C, West Pearl River International Textile City, Yijing Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou Tel: Join Hotline: Official Website: Sina Weibo : @ Kaki House (

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