Exquisite woman, dream, love life, travel, thinking, taste, personality, they focus on quality of life, pay more attention to the inner accomplishment, the perfect curve has instinctive pursuit. Kai Shi-fen underwear brand emphasis on three-dimensional version of the model, simple fashion, pay attention to human design, with its unique brand charm capture female heart.


In addition to black, white, red and other classic colors, a touch of taro purple can also pierce a woman's sexy charm. Delicate and delicate white lace cover and cup surface, landscaping visual sensory, tie bow decorative chicken hearts Department, details at the brand quality.

凯诗芬品牌内衣  突显精致女人堆完美曲线的本能追求

The same color, compared to the above, 2/1 cup more suitable for the chest is more full of women, a large area of ​​the lace is also changed to only be decorated at the shoulder strap, more concise, do not like the complicated decoration of women can not miss.

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