During the June 1, Pencil Club together with Yang Meihong stunning debut Wanda Children's Festival, and the children had a happy Children's Day! Tong Festival, is Wanda Group to spend 10 million to build, designed to borrow 61 children's day machine, repay the majority of customers, to create a feast family fun. Yangmei Hong, the famous children's art training institutions, and pencil clubs, walked 10 years of history this year. Adhering to the happy and colorful childhood for the creation of children, the two parties work together to present a wonderful and interesting June 1st feast for the public and children at the festival. Pencil Club has been targeting Asian children aged 4-14 years since its establishment in 2005 to provide them with healthy and comfortable children's wear products. Simple, elegant, childlike, pencil club children's clothing upon appearance, has attracted many people eyeballs. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, the Pencil Club specially planned the fun activity of sticking to the growth track so that the kids could experience the 10-year growth trajectory of the pencil club! From the simplicity of beauty to gorgeous beauty! ! The same childhood, not the same color! ! Pencil Club has been adhering to the concept of color to the child's mother. The youngest is you 啦 ~ ~ Pencil apron set in a small body, think it is drunk! ! Small pen on the pen favorite and support, great! !

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