"OFFSIDE Offside" Teenagerwear is the founding brand of the Chinese youthwear market. With more than eight years of brand development, the brand has brought a considerable store revenue to its customers through the advantages of leading the market. Nowadays, as the leading brand of domestic teenager wear market, "OffSIDE offside" juvenile wear what are the market advantages? Scale management advantages, "OFFSIDE offside" After years of development in the juvenile equipment, the country already has nearly 600 stores. These franchise stores of goods operated by the headquarters of a unified purchase, due to high volume purchase can enjoy a higher price discount, thus reducing the purchase costs, so that each franchise in the price of a strong competitive advantage. Commodity distribution advantages, "OFFSIDE offside" juvenile equipment is unified purchase, unified management of the distribution business model, so that the conversion of goods to the currency can be carried out more quickly, to ensure the continuity of production and shorten the circulation of time , Reducing the cost of production, and finally allow each franchisee to benefit from the brand's merchandise distribution advantages. Professional division of labor advantage, "OFFSIDE offside" Juvenile equipment division of labor mainly for the separation of trading functions. Franchised youth clothing products from the headquarters responsible for purchasing, how to reduce the purchase cost-based; franchise stores responsible for sales, to expand sales. This division of labor is bound to promote business efficiency. In addition, "OFFSIDE offside" juvenile equipment as a national professional juvenile wear brand, in warehousing, merchandise display, window decoration, financial management, marketing, public relations and business decision-making in all areas have experts in charge, thus ensuring a higher join Shop management level. Information advantage, due to the "OFFSIDE offside" juvenile clothing store distribution is extremely broad, each shop directly to consumers, you can learn more about consumer demand, reflecting the prevailing market trends around. "OFFSIDE Offside" Juvenile clothing headquarters through the feedback of the various branches of the summary, you can provide a reliable basis for future business decisions. At the same time, "OffSIDE offside" juvenile franchise stores and headquarters in the middle of any intermediate links, so that information transmission and feedback fast enough to ensure the timely information. It is because of the good use of these market advantages, "OFFSIDE offside" Teenager won the majority of customers joining the support. After more than eight years of development, "OFFSIDE offside" juvenile wear has occupied the leading position in China's juvenile wear market, the industry has been hailed as "China's leading brand of juvenile wear," "the most cost-effective fashion brand in the Pearl River Delta," "Chinese children Costume first brand. "

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