This is a day full of memories;

This is a day of sweat, tears, bloody, joyous and moving;

This is also a day to show the wisdom and charm of a team!

In order to stimulate staff's wireless potential, enhance team cohesion and create elite team of boudoir consultants, all employees of underworld company lingerie went to the Honolulu training base in Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province on July 5 for a one-day field development training.

At 6:40 a.m. on July 5, the entire staff of the company assembled on time and got to Shenzhen to go to the Honolulu training base. In an hour and a half drive, perhaps due to the unknown test of the forthcoming, many employees hide the complex feelings of anticipation and shyness on their faces.


Arrival Shadi Wa Pier ready to board

At about 8:20, the car arrived at Shaxi Wharf in Shijie Town. Because the Honolulu training base is located on Honolulu Island, it is necessary to go by boat across the Dongjiang River. In the process of crossing the river by boat, the staff of Guiyou organized an orderly Team, followed by boarding, showing the team very good discipline. After landing Honolulu Island, the company all employees have put on a uniform camouflage, a simple dress ready, the day's expansion training officially kicked off.


Across the East River boat

Under the leadership of the training instructors, the team first conducted integrated training on the team's queue, and was divided into six teams by the big team: Winning Team, Wolverine Team, Dragon Team, Bison Team, Team Wolf, Warriors Team , Each team selected a captain and deputy team leader to lead his team forward. Next, the instructor arranged the first training project of today - cracking the code and rescuing the hostages.


Integration training


Six detachments

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