The cold winter, a woolen jacket is a must for all mature women a single product. But a fashionable base coat is not so good selection of woolen coats. What kind of underwear look good? European-style girls Camis demonstration for you to wear, stylish style, simple version, beautiful texture, won the women's favorite.


This stitching skirt, whether single or bottoming is a very favorite style of women in the workplace. Round neck design, in the winter with a scarf or scarf are very suitable. Cortex coat with gray woolen stitching, was thin design, it is a type. With a gray black woolen jacket, mink coat are strong aura!

冬季打底衫款式 欧式打底衣服推荐

This piece of primer shirt slightly skirts, gradient decorative patterns, the overall personality charming. Waist version, outline the charming waistline. The use of high-grade fabric, first-class upper body effect, create a good curve. With a black woolen jacket is also very suitable. High heels are also essential temperament single product oh.

The picture comes from: Camus Women

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