Uncle Bob with ice crutches, slowly came to us, sent away Aunt Qiu, led us into the cold wind, snow and ice in the winter. "Daddy, Ma Ma" It's time for our baby with the cutest and cutest anti-cold war vest: 1, neat dress with black long sleeve bottoming shirt ~ princess fan full primer shirt classic and simple bow Design, collocation fabric dress elegant wild round neck, set off a little princess soft temperament. In addition to warm winter bring baby warm, but the whole is very cute and very cute very wow! 2, long down jacket with knitted jeans ~ cool to the end of the long coat highlights is the chest V-stitching design , Has a distinctive color contrast, the formation of a more cool visual effects, and then with the classic fashion knit jeans, simple yet stylish, gentle and temperature, so baby will be cool in the end! 3, long down jacket with a long round neck sweater ~ Happy "little witch" Playful cute little elves now a long round neck sweater, put it on, the baby immediately turned Kawai's "little witch" Plus a large hooded fur collar soft long down feather warm coat, even if the cold day, but also to jump to show the magic of happiness. 4, in the long section of cotton coat with not inverted cashmere skirt pants ~ pocketed back lovely chic bow belt particularly eye-catching in the coat of cotton, and then with the most popular fake two-piece design pants, layered sense of the baby with the public Different, to win more retention rates. 5, round neck sweater with POLO T-shirt ~ refined gentleman's neck sweater with a unique folk pattern with stripe design, with dazzling colors express publicity, give the fashion a new meaning, with POLO T-shirt, baby immediately polite, instantly " Tall on the "ah!

Hard Visor

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