Season, and when we put on the coat put on the sweater to wear Martin boots, have thought about the most intimate with you whether the season should be underwear ? Usher in the fall and winter seasons, for the lingerie who no longer like the summer when no trace, breathable, light, autumn and winter seasons can put on some cup thicker, more colorful underwear to make their own charm from the inside to the outside bloom, So in fact, your underwear season should be changed. Then Xiaobian introduce autumn and winter seasons lingerie selection skills.


And light summer style emphasis on different, winter underwear, more emphasis on gorgeous fashion. So the color of autumn and winter underwear mostly warm colors, such as red, orange. In addition, the winter coat is too thick, in the choice of underwear can be bold, elegant and elegant embroidery, sexy lace, have become well-designed designer details. For example, the figure of this rose red & black underwear, fashion color contrast bold dazzling, cup lace lace embellishment romance sexy full seductive temptation. Good shape effect allows you to harvest a good figure in winter, more stylish dress.

换季了内衣要换吗  秋冬季节内衣挑选技巧

Spring and summer underwear with a coat to light, sexy-based, into the autumn and winter is the shape and shape of the start. Experts also suggest that winter wear sections beaming and beaming pants to self-cultivation, beaming massage body fat to modify the whole body curve. For example, the emerald-toned undergarment in this picture is designed to fit underwear, which is more suitable for human skin, blood circulation and fat management, in the fields of clothing fiber material science, health science, body aesthetics, ergonomics and fat medicine. Elegant luxury emerald green elegance, sophisticated craftsmanship highlight the quality of high-end, high-side ratio, 3/4 cup shape sexy chest type, so that you surprised to find a winter harvest chest type.

Finally, when we choose the style and effectiveness of underwear do not forget that no matter what the season, underwear should choose loose and cotton, preferably cotton products. Only in this way can have a more healthy breasts.

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