The establishment of the winter season in the past, the cold has come, is it right? Want to wear a skirt girl should wear thick stockings it? Basically, the girls will choose black as the lower body with the fall and winter, Korean women set is different from the others, with light-colored socks match, to create a different autumn and winter visual effects.


Farewell to the season of black leggings, candy color base socks to wear out, a bright-colored woolen jacket is a must-have style autumn and winter to take a white turtleneck or bottoming shirt can be, lower body no longer be Black, lower body a bright color base socks is absolutely attractive autumn and winter highlights.

秋冬穿什么颜色打底袜好 亮色打底袜配什么颜色外套

The unique Korean set to make an ordinary short paragraph down jacket can wear out of a different fashion, a short section of fresh down jacket + a black woolen short skirt coupled with a malachite green socks, simple Dress up eye-catching color has become the focus of Korean women's collection of 2014 fall and winter new products waiting for you to match.

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