The weather is getting cold day by day, the jacket is essential at this temperature, then the question is, what kind of jacket to wear it? What to wear the jacket inside? Really really headache it! For working women, dresses are the most common office dress, but the dresses are so many, like a good harmony with each jacket need a solid mix of skills, or else wait for you to go to work with random, that It is necessary to make a joke it. Thousand clothing mall clothing styles, Xiaobian today recommended two dresses with the bottom, both wild, but also with their own personality style.

Lace primer skirt


Thousand clothing mall clothing

Mature women can make good use of lace fabric clothing, such as this black lace dress, a bit sexy, but also a bit sweet. Sexy is the perspective of the design, the sweet lies in the delicate embroidery process and structured skirts. This is the more common autumn and winter seasons bottoms, when the heat can be used with a small suit jacket, gradually cooling can be used with a long section of the coat, the color can be with, because it is wild paragraph Oh.

Short skirts


Thousand clothing mall clothing

Just entering the workplace of women who will be just out of school innocence, the dress will be slightly sweet and lovely, which also highlights the just entering the workplace of women's personality, self-confidence, youth, purity. The figure of the short skirts fitted with a small lapel long-sleeved shirt, colorful, gorgeous patterns, more suitable for young women wearing. Autumn season can be with a small suit jacket, the weather can also be used as a cold after the take style, and long section of the woolen, jacket down jacket can be as the preferred partner.

Cotton Twill Fabric

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