This site, June 12, reported that as a fashionista, Jing Boran wore clothes with his own system, and there was no pressure on the neighbors to change their male styles, just like “boyfriend dressing specimens”. The inventory of his airport styling found that the original simple fashion is his unique dressing.

In the second season of the recent variety show “Flowers and Youth”, humor, intimacy, and sense of responsibility became Jing Boyan’s keywords. He accidentally took the guide and he even laughed that he was his country’s “deformer”. However, Jing Boran in real life is a fashion charm person, dressed with a self-contained system, style, sometimes familiar with the neighbors, from this set of airport models is not difficult to sum up simple fashion is his unique dressing. And this kind of collocation preparation is extremely informative. Jing Boran has also become a “dressing specimen” for girls to install for boyfriends.

This group of airport PW main light lanes, denim jacket plus casual trousers with both highlight the unique long legs of the goddess, but also reveal their own temperament undoubtedly.

One-piece trousers ride casual trousers and sneakers, holding the casual range.

White trousers with a white and let him instantly into the "Prince Charming", all kinds of dressing style in the male god Bo Ran here familiar.

Whether it is winter casual coat or summer refreshing T-shirt, it all highlights Jing Boran's unique minimalist fashion.

Jing Boran once said that wearing a simple atmosphere, texture is better, there can be some small design ok, such as the British style match.

He pays attention to shoes. If he wears the wrong style on the wrong occasion, he will be paralyzed. He also has the highest frequency of buying shoes. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Cooperation Media: Bao Manni shoes)

Duang!! Sweep, there is a surprise!!!

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