On February 18, 2013, Mr. Qin Qun Sheng , executive vice president of Guangdong Underwear Association, vice president of Shenzhen Underwear Association, vice president of Shenzhen Commercial Federation, and general manager of Hong Kong Defina Group visited Jiangsu to attend De Fenner's Jiangsu office Office was established and the life of the Di Fenner underwear opened the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

After 2012's accumulation and meticulous planning, Di Fenna in many cities throughout the country gradually start a new round of market planning and strengthening the brand image in the new year, Di Fenna determined to make progress, triumph, Di Fenna Underwear living museum model golden lush golden clover will be open all over the country north and south.

Changxing Baihong nonwoven fabric Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Taihu coast, Hongxing Bridge Industrial Park, Changxing County, Zhejiang. Over twenty years experience of production and industrial chain advantages of Adhesive Interlining, the company has made a high starting point at the beginning of the both woven and non-woven fabric line.

The company has achieved the annual production capacity of two thousand tons of multi-purpose hot-rolled non-woven fabrics each year and product gram weight range from  16 gsm to80 gsm.

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