Winter, coat + high-heeled shoes with a beautiful and generous fashion sense. A woman should be like this, put on his favorite clothes, smiling with confidence, highlighting the contemporary women's strong, independent personality. DFDEAR DeFeiDiOo uphold the "restore the true style of women," the design concept - elegant and subtle fashion show sexy; insist on "style of female mining femininity," the style - display of modern women's freedom and fashion, rendering Female charm image!

德菲蒂奥 - D.F.Dear

Korean version of the oversized shuttlecock fur collar coat, a warm coat coat has become indispensable to many women in winter gear, but we hesitate to make the bloated little bear to compromise the temperature or vowed to shiver in the cold beauty temperament.

D.F.DEAR德菲蒂奥品牌女装  挖掘女性优雅女人味

Short version of leather rebellious sense of continuity from the punk era to today's trendy fashion, its glory did not diminish, but intensified. Bright yellow, brown fashion, whether it is within the take or coat, have a chic style!

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