Love about - Meet with love "AIYOR" (love about) adhering to the "combination of fashion, and love meet" concept. Provide fashionable, affordable products for modern urban women aged 25-40 years! With grace, refinement, and intellectuality, I don't mean to be followed but to be intelligent and skilled in driving fashion. We are a ignorant girl. When we encounter love and don't understand love, we grow up and change, and we open up. Hearts, toes and feet to pursue true love, more long thoughts once, we really loved, the warm screen turned page after page, leaving good memories. In the years of love, happy me and you; in life, two men and women with no guess. Love is selfish and selfish, especially in the eyes, but not in the sand. However, in the most beautiful love, it is necessary to mix fashion styles. It takes a shadowy moon and deafness, and it needs to be similar to love and suffering. “AIYOR” blends European and American fashion styles to lead fashion, exquisite fabrics, exquisite workmanship, and attentive service to provide consumers with cost-effective women's and shopping experience. "AIYOR" engraves the days of overlapping ages, dispels the plain life, and turns into a colorful and beautiful expectation. “AIYOR” strives to love and bloom, finds true love, has “love” fashion accompanied, and “love” eternal witness.

In May 2011, he entered the Taobao Mall, settled in Red Children in June, Jingdong Mall, No. 1 Store, Excellence, Le Cool Sky and so on. Within a short period of time of less than three months, the brand has initially completed the construction of the network channel, and has fully entered. Sales stage.
"AIYOR" is an online brand under the banner of Shenzhen Bamandi Clothing Co., Ltd. She mixes European and American styles, exquisite fabrics, exquisite workmanship, adhering to the concept of "combination with fashion and love," and is a modern urban woman. Providing fashionable and affordable products, in May 2011, Barmandi introduced the Aiyo brand to the online market.

At the beginning of the entry, the Ai-yo brand did not hold high and fight like a traditional brand, but instead adopted a tactic of intensive cultivation on the product. After the design team specifically developed a series of spring-summer products for the online market, Aiko brand was successfully approved by Taobao Mall in June and the “aiyor” brand Taobao Mall’s flagship store was started.

In early April, the main products of the aiyor brand women's spring/summer 2011 were Secret Garden Series, Summer Fashion Series, Luxury Slim Series, and Charmstyle Series. The Love B2C platform was formally launched. Although there was no large-scale promotion, it was still a short period. Hundreds of pieces were sold during the month, and the rate of praise was over 95%.

Afterwards, the aiyor brand started to apply for and negotiate with other mainstream B2C malls in China. With the innovation in the design of goods, the progress was very smooth. According to the introduction of the eyy e-commerce department, Jingdong Mall, Red Kids, and have now been completed. The signing work of the No. 1 shop, and other mainstream B2C websites, including Jingdong Mall and Red Kids, have been completed, and the remaining B2C malls will also complete the shelves work in July.

The next step of the “aiyor” brand channel expansion will be the Taobao distribution platform, which will recruit more than 100 quality Taobao C store distributors. By then, the network channel of the aiyor brand will be formed with B2C mall as the core and Taobao Mall as the main force. The B2C platform and Taobao distribution are complementary sound formats. .

Yang Yan, creative director, is full of confidence in B2C. E-commerce is a big development trend in the future. Its biggest feature is convenience, and it brings fashion and European style to create “AIYOR” to consumers.

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