When we choose the South Red Agate carvings, there are many aspects to look at. There are color textures, inside and outside, carvings, etc., of course, we must also consider our own. One of the most important decisive factors in South Red Agate is its size. Whether it is rough or finished, most of the red agates are relatively small, large and rare, and expensive. So why is this such a phenomenon? ,

Nowadays, the products on the market, we will find that the large works of South Red Agate are relatively rare, and the slightly larger South Red works are much more expensive. The natural price of the large red Nanao works, which are rare and expensive, is very expensive. Of course, the small South Red Agate also has its advantages. Generally, the average buyer has limited economic ability, so everyone usually buys some small South Red products, so the price is right, and it is easier to change hands later.

Lace Mesh Embroidery Fabric

The Lace Mesh Embriidery Fabric including Poly Mesh Embroidery Fabric.Nylon Lace Mesh Embroidery Fabric. Chiffon Embroidery Fabric .Nylon Spandex Mesh Embroidery Fabric and Poly French Lace Mesh Embroidery Fabric etc.

All of these products are vogue.unique and hot selling in the market of American.European .Asia.And you can find there are different technical even on same mesh fabric.For example,you will see Cord Embroidery Fabric or spangle embroidery fabric on the same poly mesh fabric.

Cord Embroidery Fabric

Fresh Transparent Sequins Embroidery On Poly Mesh

Embroidered Lace Fabric,Flower Cord Lace Embroidery Fabric,Multicolor Embroidery Lace Fabric,Lace Mesh Embroidery Fabric

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