From the Guangdong Dongguan, aims to create "China's first European-style casual wear," Ying Cai beautiful ground (Y.CMD) on November 21, 2011 to sign Taiwan popular star Yoga Lin 2012 spring and summer new conference, the entire field The conference was full of youthful energy and demonstrated to guests the unusual design concept and superb craftsmanship of YCMH.It was highly praised by participants. Y.CMD) well-built excellent industrial chain are inseparable. The so-called industrial chain, is by the suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers and distribution channels, etc. constitute the logistics network. The same enterprise may constitute different nodes of the network, but in more cases, different enterprises form different nodes in the network. For Y.CMD, its industry chain covers such basic elements as new product planning, raw material purchasing, style design, production, finishing, trading, logistics and returns. In recent years, with the improvement of the concentration of China's garment industry, high-quality industrial resources will continue to concentrate on the dominant enterprises. Meanwhile, around these advantageous enterprises, various industrial chain partners will be continuously gathered. During the cooperation with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, Yingcai Meidi (Y.CMD) has formed a strong market competitiveness by means of online cooperation, making Y.CMD a " Clothing ecological community "in order to stand proud leader in the city. Excellent apparel business must have a strong industrial chain management capabilities. International well-known fast fashion brand ZARA, completed within 7 days from fabric procurement to finished the finished product listing of the entire process, its industry chain management capabilities are well known in the industry. Y.CMD aims to create "China's first European-style casual wear" brand, in addition to product design and style fully absorbed the elements of fashion in Europe and America, but also in the industrial chain management is also actively absorbing Europe and the United States Advanced industrial chain management methods for the franchisee to provide full support and strong protection. In the era of "branding", we should pay attention to what kind of products we produce and what kind of materials and ways to produce them. We should pay attention not only to the improvement of labor productivity but also to the harmonious production relations. We should pay attention to the quality and performance of the products themselves, But also pay attention to the social value of products in the consumption process and guide healthy and sustainable life style. Y.CMD choose from the construction of the industrial chain as a breakthrough point to improve product quality, the root cause or market analysis and grasp of consumers. Nowadays, "brand" is not only a business path longing for and practiced by garment enterprises, but also the consumers pay attention to the fabrics, production methods and even more and more enterprises will have Social morality has also become an incentive for consumers to buy, so Y. CMD started from itself and insisted on creating a harmonious, scientific and environmentally friendly product chain from the very beginning of brand building. In the production, Yingcai US (Y.CMD) owned Guangdong Dongguan Jia Hui Garment Co., Ltd., is its European-style leisure brand, can achieve more than 30 million per year supply scale; in the design, Ying Cai US (Y .CMD) The implementation of the "international designer-led + regional buyer compaction" combination strategy, and gradually formed a unique brand style, designed to convey a recognized, extraordinary, self-proof life can claim and attitude to life, "fashion, Passion, vitality ", filling the unique personality and emotional appeal of urban dignitaries. In sales and promotion, Ying CM (Y.CMD) each spring and autumn new fashion show, as well as new fashion pictures are the industry's most professional ads Companies, fashion photographers, stylists, models to cooperate, one of the most important is the spring and summer of the year two seasons and autumn and winter fashion show, it can determine the company's marketing for the next six months. Fashion show on the show, gathered from all over the country came to the clothing dealers, their order quantity, the new fashion evaluation feedback, the head of the fashion company is an important business information. In the future development of the brand, Y.CMD will continue to stick to the path of "building an excellent industrial chain" and will take all the production steps of its products to a high-quality comfortable wearing experience for the fashion family.


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